General Surgery and Breast Endocrine Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Uğur Aydın, in his statement to the AA correspondent, emphasized that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women.

Stating that all patients who want to have ongoing treatments and routine controls due to the Kovid-19 epidemic affecting the whole world, Aydın stated that there is a serious fear and anxiety about going to the hospital, “In the hospital, he may encounter a patient with Kovid-19 or is used for these patients. Patients tend to stay away from the hospital with the idea that they can also be examined with the devices. ” he spoke.

Aydın pointed out that the patients in the screening group, which they actually described as a risk group for cancer diseases during this period, were moving away from control, and made the following assessment:

“In the first 3-4 months of this pandemic, it reached very serious dimensions. We were able to perform almost 20 percent of the screenings normally performed. These rates are actually close to those seen in many centers around the world. In our country, as in the world, normal or more accurately, there are efforts to transition to the new normal. Although we saw increases in these numbers during periods, we saw that a significant portion of the risk group did not come for screening.

Unfortunately, we started to encounter breast cancers, which we call local advanced, that is, breast cancers that have skipped the early stage. In other words, we have started to have breast cancer patients with a larger cancerous mass or spread to the lymph nodes under the armpit. Almost all of the patients said, “Yes, I was getting a mass, but I did not want to come to the hospital during the pandemic period.” we got the answer. We see that almost 80-90 percent of our patients do not have 2020 controls. “

“We advise patients not to interrupt their routine check-ups.”

Aydın said that the treatment process is different and difficult, and the recovery success is lower in breast cancers that cannot be detected at an early stage.

“It is necessary to say that these areas of hospitals that work with the logic of breast health centers are in fact areas where breast examinations are performed and mammography and ultrasonography are completed without contacting other patients in the hospital. Therefore, there is no drawback in performing these checks in hospitals with specialized breast units. We recommend that they continue their treatment with peace of mind. “

Aydın, who also advised about the Kovid-19 vaccine and screening, suggested that the scans should be performed 4-6 weeks after the Kovid-19 vaccine, thinking that the vaccine may cause changes in the lymph nodes.

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