Vaccination studies continue in Turkey during the coronavirus epidemic. Citizens who have been vaccinated question the issues to be considered after vaccination. Citizens in particular; ‘Can alcohol be taken after vaccination?’ searches for the answer. Here is the answer to the question of whether alcohol is consumed after receiving the Biontech or Sinovac vaccine…

Can alcohol or cigarettes be consumed after corona vaccination?

University of Health Sciences Rector Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl, in a statement to the AA correspondent, pointed out that tobacco products and alcohol use have a negative impact on health, can negatively affect treatment, and pointed out that cigarette smoke changes immune responses. Evaluating the effect of smoking on vaccines, Erdöl said, “In studies conducted more than 40 years ago and using simpler methods compared to today’s techniques, it was observed that the immune response after vaccination was weak in smokers.” used the phrases.

Providing information about a study carried out in Australia on this subject, Erdöl said:

“The scientific study, which included comparative groups, investigated the effects of smoking on the body’s response to influenza vaccination (subunit vaccine and live attenuated vaccine). This and similar studies provide strong evidence that smoking attenuates immune response responses. A separate study from elsewhere also showed that exposure to cigarette smoke affects CD4 T cell effector production. The results of the study show that cigarette smoke reduces cell division and showed that it acts directly on CD4 T cells by increasing cell death. The same study also showed that exposure to cigarette smoke impairs the ability to generate memory cells, which are critical for the continuation of the protective immune response induced by vaccines.”

Emphasizing that CD4 T cells in the body are cells that have critical roles in Kovid-19 and other infections, Erdöl said, “In other words, if the functions of these cells are impaired, the duties of B cells, which are critical in the protective effectiveness of antibody vaccines, will also be impaired. Added to the fact that it increases the risk directly related to disease severity, the situation becomes more serious.” he said.

Another explanation on the subject is Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Aytac came from Montenegro. Dr. Aytaç Karadağ said, “Since our immune system is reduced by 60% with sugar, bread, pasta, and pastry-based nutrition, which is called carbohydrate after vaccination, we need to eat protein-weighted for a few days after vaccination. Since our soldiers who will fight the virus, called antibodies, are protein-based, meat, fish, chicken, turkey, milk. We should consume protein sources such as products, eggs, pulses. We should consume seasonal vegetables and fruits in terms of vitamin C. Since sleeping under 6 hours reduces the formation of antibodies against the vaccine by half, we should sleep for 6 hours before and after the vaccine.” said. In addition, Karadağ added, “Drinking alcohol on the day of vaccination, excessive fear of vaccination, irregular sleep, drug use, malnutrition reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine.”

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