Stating that the rate of stuttering in boys is 5 times higher than in girls, Uzm. Dr. Emin Çağlar said, “Stuttering is a situation where there are impairments and disruptions in the fluency of speech. In stuttering, there may be pauses at the beginning, middle and end of the sentence. Or we can define stuttering as a disorder in which certain letters and syllables are repetitive. We see stuttering mostly in children between the ages of 2 and 7. The rate of stuttering in boys is 5 times higher than in girls. However, 80 percent of stuttering between the ages of 2 and 7 is usually temporary. “The 20 percent section continues until adolescence and adulthood.”


Saying that stuttering makes families very anxious, Uzm. Dr. Emin Çağlar said, “The reason for stuttering is not known exactly. Experts focus on some of the genetic and neurological factors of stuttering. It is known that some children are genetically prone to stuttering. It is also said that there are problems in some processes that enable speech production in the brain, neurologically. But we cannot mention the psychological reason among the main causes of stuttering. If a child will stutter, it is predetermined genetically. “For example, stuttering does not occur because a child is scared or his teacher is angry.”


Emphasizing that stuttering can be reduced by both psychotherapy method and drug treatment, Uzm. Dr. Emin Çağlar said, “Families can blame themselves when their child stutters. If a child has stuttering, a hearing test is required. Because the child may have a hearing loss. Afterwards, it is also necessary to have a neurological examination of the child. Children with stuttering can have anxiety disorder, depression and irritability. If these are treated, the severity of the stuttering decreases ”.


Exp. Dr. Emin Çağlar continued his words as follows:

“Families can go to speech and language therapists. When their children start to stutter, they should definitely not suggest ‘stop talking, don’t get excited before starting’. This situation causes the stuttering of the child to increase. Parents need to focus on what children talk, not how they talk. At the same time, some information is circulating on the internet that children with stuttering problems should read aloud. I do not recommend reading audiobooks to children with stuttering. Because stuttering is divided into types within itself. Speech and language therapists can know which stuttering is better with this type of method. “

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