Prof. Dr. Fixed Canatan, to increase the public’s awareness about the prevention of cancer and cancer held every year between April 1 to 7 date in Turkey ‘National Cancer Week’ spoke to their activities. Stating that cancer is the disease of the century, Prof. Dr. Canatan said, “While cardiovascular diseases were at the forefront all over the world and in our country until the past years, cancer diseases have prevented this in recent years. Because many factors such as technology and environmental pollution lead to the spread of cancer. Especially genetic factors are included in them, “he said.

Stating that when the genetics of cancer are examined, there are three types of genes in the body. Dr. Canatan said, “One of them is genes suppressing cancer. If these genes are changed, that is, mutated, it causes cancer. Second, DNA repair genes. There are many factors that cause DNA degradation. These genes help us to survive by constantly repairing our bodies. Defects in DNA repair genes also cause cancer. The third genes are the genes we call oncogenes. These genes also cause cancer when the cell structure changes. While these genes cause diseases, they can be passed from generation to generation. Therefore, some of the cancers are hereditary. we can count, “he said.


Drawing attention to the fact that the body must be healthy first to prevent cancer, Prof. Dr. Duran Canatan said:

“Hiking, healthy eating, staying away from stress and trauma are very important. Most importantly, we should pay attention to our contact with all kinds of computers, mobile phones, electrical devices that we call electromagnetic. These devices disrupt the structure of the genes in our body by emitting electromagnetic waves continuously. Our message to everyone is; Please avoid electromagnetic environments as much as possible. Make sure children use tablets, computers and mobile phones as short as possible. This is very important for individuals, for our future. The most important aspect of getting rid of cancer is getting away from electromagnetic environments. “

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