Recently, interest in LED light application, which allows the skin to regenerate itself and reach a healthy appearance, has been increasing. Fashion designer and beauty center operator Mehmet Sait Dalmış said that this treatment method helps to remove the scar on the skin after surgery. Drawing attention to the fact that the skin is worn out over time with internal and external effects, Dalmış said, “The worn and damaged skin should be cleaned at regular intervals and given the opportunity to renew itself. Thus, your skin regenerates itself and reaches a healthy appearance. LED light application is a treatment method that allows your skin to renew itself. It is also called therapy.

It should be noted that in order for the LED light application to achieve the best result, this application should be done by experts in the field. This application is highly preferred because it accelerates the skin’s self-renewal process. Those who want to have vivid skin in a short time can reach the result immediately with this application. The skin is revitalized with the blood circulation formed by activating the collagen tissue under the skin. During this application, also known as youth light, four different colors of light are used. “


Explaining that a device with green, blue, yellow and red light heads is used in this treatment, Dalmış said, “The green light removes the sensitivity of the skin. This light prevents the production of excess melanin. It is also used in the treatment of skin spots. Blue light is used in the treatment of acne. This light is used in sensitive skin. It has soothing properties. Yellow light is used to regulate blood circulation. It has a detox effect. It is used to soothe skin rashes. Red light is used to activate collagen production. he spoke.

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