Professor of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases. Dr. Ataseven stated that they have unexpectedly seen skin lesions caused by coronavirus recently. Prof. Dr. Ataseven said, “Coranavirus progresses with numerous dermatological findings as in all organs. Our patients who apply to us have symptoms on the skin without the diagnosis of coronavirus. When we see a wide variety of skin findings, we first ask the patient about the classic symptoms of coronavirus,” he said.

Stating that, on average, 1 out of every 5 coronavirus patients have skin findings, Ataseven said, “Among these findings, patients most frequently refer to us in the form of rashes that we call ‘macularpapular. They can come with skin findings. We also have patients who come like chicken pox in the form of water balls that we call ‘vesicular’, “he said.


Stating that patients also suffer from hair loss, Prof. Dr. Ataseven said, “Especially after 2 to 4 months after having coronavirus infection, there are complaints of hair loss. It is a late finding, the reason for this is that patients go through very serious stress. Stress can cause what we call ‘telogen effluvium’, in other words, seasonal hair loss among the public. There are hair loss in the form of round openings in the size of money. Men can be seen especially from the top, shedding from the fontel areas inwards. Women also have this hair loss. Of course, there is a rapid increase in this issue especially in the last time. “This is the case. Is it normal in our clinic, or is it hair loss due to the disease, we are doing the test for it, too,” he said.

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