Spore pollen also appeared with the spring. However, during the epidemic period, pollen became more dangerous. Spore pollens, which weaken the immune system, make the individual more vulnerable to coronavirus. DEU Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Doğan Yaşar said, “The weather is getting warmer, this is a very good news. Warming means productivity, greening of plants, coming of spring and everything is beautiful. Spring allergy caused by sports pollen occurs in this period. Now we are in a busy period of this.

Next week, when the weather gets warmer, it will get more intense. We know that spore pollen lowers body resistance. A comprehensive research was conducted in 31 countries based in Germany with the participation of many scientists from various nations. It has been revealed that covidin is even more dangerous because spore pollens lower immunity. Particle retaining mask is definitely required because it makes the body much more open against the covid attack. Normal masks are not protective against pollen during this period.

Noting that the density of sports pollen will increase with the first week of April, Prof. Dr. Doğan Yaşar said, “There is pollen for the last 10 days. Those with spring allergies feel it. It will increase even more from the first week of April. In this period, those with spring allergies in the USA and Europe do not go out. All doctors in developed countries do not want to go out for spring allergy unless necessary. They also recommend the use of a particle-retaining mask. Measure is from the servant, and appreciation is from Allah, “he said.

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