Emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis in a statement made within the scope of April 1-7 National Cancer Week, Prof. Dr. Stating that cancer is one of the leading causes of death in our country as in many developed societies, Mustafa Öncel said, “Unfortunately, 20-25 percent of our people die of cancer. But it is possible to reduce this rate and find a chance to live a long and healthy life. For this, it is necessary to catch cancers earlier. Because if we are alert to cancer and discover the disease early, we will be much more successful in its treatment. The first step in early diagnosis is to increase our awareness about cancer ”.


Stating that a substantial part of cancers show genetic transition, Prof. Dr. Öncel continued as follows:

“The genetic factor causes you to be destined to be similar to those of your bloodline. If your father, grandfather has heart and blood pressure, your potential to be is higher. But if your other family members have cancer, remember that you have the possibility of facing cancer in some part of your life. This rate is higher, especially if the cancers seen in the family are of the same type. For example; If your grandfather, uncle and aunt have colon cancer, be sure to tell your doctor about it. Even one person in the family gets cancer, especially at a young age, increasing your chances of having that cancer. So try to make a family tree diagram. “


Prof. Dr. Öncel, referring to the many causes of cancer, gave the following information: “Smoking not only causes shortness of breath and cough, but also increases the possibility of cancer, especially lung, respiratory tract and bladder, compared to non-smokers. Weight not only decreases the quality of life, it also increases the likelihood of breast and colon cancer. A fast food addiction away from fiber and fresh foods increases the likelihood of colon and stomach cancer. Our body always advises us to live a middle-ground, natural way of life. “


Pointing out that patients are often late when they are diagnosed with cancer, Prof. Dr. Öncel said, “It is necessary to recognize early findings. It is never normal to have prolonged and severe coughing attacks, a mass in any part of our eyes, or a slimy discharge that we call blood, pus or mucus. Such situations should be investigated. These may be the first signs of lung, breast, bladder or colon cancer. Get your attention immediately to changes in things you’ve already made. Changes in the last few months, such as difficulty in urinating, change in defecation habits, difficulty swallowing food, and rapid satiety are important. It may be the first signs of prostate, large intestine, esophagus or stomach cancers. One of the most important is weight loss. Weight loss without diet or any other explanation is one of the alarm signs. A doctor should be consulted immediately, ”he said.


Prof. Dr. Öncel continued his evaluations as follows:

“We are investigating some types of cancer with country screening programs in healthy people who have no complaints. Because most of the time, we know that the disease has progressed a lot if it has given a symptom. Therefore, there are screening protocols for 3 different cancers without causing any symptoms or complaints. Your family physicians have enough information on this subject and you can refer to them. For breast cancer, have a mammogram every 2 years from the age of 40-45. Have a stool occult blood test and colonoscopy from the age of 50 for colon cancer. For cervical cancer, do not forget the smear test after the age of 30 or after being sexually active. Thus, your illness can be caught at a very early stage, even without cancer, and you can continue your life from where you left off. It should not be forgotten that each of us is either cancer or a cancer candidate. “

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