“Eating a single meal or resorting to methods such as starvation fasts in order to lose weight are the wrong tactics we see very often. These tactics are; aside from losing weight, it will cause excessive fat around the belly. Because our body is systematically focused on self-preservation, it will store any food consumed after a great period of hunger in order to use it in the next hunger. What I always keep ahead of my clients; enjoy. In a client profile between the ages of 5 and 85, it is possible to see quite striking achievements such as 80 kg lost in 6 months without going hungry. We come to life once; Losing weight with pleasure with the right strategy brings along a healthy and aesthetic body.”

“The secret of success in business life: Proper nutrition”

Dietitian Çağla Aytaç added that today many people are in a busy pace and work in the office by sitting at a desk for hours:

“The first question that comes to mind is how can we eat right in this intense pace? We see that most people put themselves in the second plan in their busy business life.

In fact, when we add practical thinking, which is indispensable for business life, and making fast and right decisions at the appropriate time to our diet, we can have a successful business life and achieve the image we want by choosing healthy menus. Increased eating at night due to sugary foods consumed out of boredom, skipping lunches; It can be shown as one of the main causes of obesity, which is frequently seen in people working at a desk. To prevent this, you can prepare small snacks for yourself. For example; Maybe it is difficult to carry and eat an apple with you, but you may prefer to consume dried fruits that have the same task as apples. With healthy nuts you can take with you, you can balance your blood sugar and prevent the wrong food choice at the next meal.

Sharing her observations as a dietitian working in Europe, Çağla Aytaç said, “I see that it is natural to bring food from home to work. However, in our country, we can see that obesity has increased many times due to the wrong food choices made during the lunch break.” he said. Aytaç, who gave an example of a healthy sandwich that we can prepare with two slices of rye bread and some cheese for a healthy lunch, stated that this can be both a very practical and delicious meal, and at this point, companies can also inform their personnel with corporate nutrition consultancy, so that they can have a much healthier lunch. He added that they could have a mass of personnel.

“Insufficient fluid consumption causes skin disorders”

Stating that water consumption is also very important for a healthy life, Aytaç continued his words by noting that increasing water consumption will positively affect concentration and contribute to business life:

“The ideal amount of fluid consumption varies from individual to individual. Drinking 2.5 liters of fluid per day for women and 3.5 liters for men; It is important for maintaining fluid balance. Of course, these are average figures and may vary according to the specific needs of individuals. But let’s face it, life goes by so fast. When talking about long work or school hours, daily rush, most people unfortunately forget to drink water. Considering that almost half of our body is water, we can say that skin disorders or headaches that we think for no reason are caused by insufficient fluid consumption. A dark urine color is an indication of too little fluid consumption. This should be noted. We use technology in many places now. In this case, we can see technology as a guide. Today, there are applications that remind you to drink water; You can download them to your phone for free. If you have trouble drinking water, you can sweeten your water by adding some nutrients such as lemon, strawberries and cinnamon sticks; This way, you can increase your water consumption. The metabolism tea of ​​my brand “Caytac”, which will soon be on the market in Europe, will also help you lose weight by increasing your water consumption.”

“Expert support is very important”

Aytaç also touched upon the issue of “gluten”, which is of great importance especially for celiac patients and is a subject of frequent discussion today: “Gluten is a protein group in wheat and is actually found in most foods in our lives. If we remove gluten from our lives, we will also remove nutrients such as ‘barley, wheat, rye’ containing calcium, beta carotene, ECK vitamins, potassium, iron, phosphorus, B-B2-B6-B12 vitamins and magnesium. Many vitamins, minerals, etc. And since we will be deprived of our most important energy source, I think that gluten-free diet may cause great harm in the future. However, a ‘gluten-free diet’ can be applied in order to reduce water retention due to gluten in people with intense edema or in celiac patients. he said. Aytaç, the most correct diet can be applied with the support of a specialist; He also reminded us that acting with hearsay information can cause great harm to us.

“Turks living in Germany are aware of obesity”

Dietician Çağla Aytaç, who continues her working life in Germany, evaluated the obesity issue in Germany as follows: “In Germany, 67 percent of men and 53 percent of women are obese. Since they generally work in shifts, their diets are quite disordered. Turks in Germany, on the other hand, are aware of obesity and want to take a step towards it; However, fast eating habits and cultural conflicts unfortunately prevent this. I often find that young girls now see the weight as a model and are less bothered by it.”

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