Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Gökalp Öner said that in addition to career planning, women who will undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy can have egg freezing in order to have children in the following years. Stating that the female eggs are stored for future use in the egg freezing process, Prof. Dr. Gökalp Öner said, “Women with reduced egg reserve and number, who have entered early menopause, who will receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy and who will be treated for cancer are given the chance to become mothers. We can collect the eggs of these women, freeze them and store them. Egg freezing is a process that has been done for many years. Moreover, it is difficult for the patient. “We can collect the eggs from the abdomen. We can freeze the eggs we collect for 10 years. This means that when a woman decides to become a mother, it is possible,” he said.


Stating that the egg collection process is done under anesthesia, Prof. Dr. Öner said, “Our patients do not feel any pain with this method. It is a very comfortable method. There are no incisions and stitches in the egg retrieval process. We collect the eggs with a needle. We discharge our patient after two hours. Sometimes, several sessions are required to collect enough eggs. Especially In women with a low number of eggs, we can collect their eggs from the abdomen every few months and freeze them. There are two important advantages of freezing the eggs of women who postpone pregnancy for various reasons. First of all, since the freezing process is performed at a young age, the probability of pregnancy increases because the egg quality increases. “Or people who go through early menopause can get a chance to get pregnant with the in vitro fertilization method in the future. The egg freezing process that we do in our own clinic is performed in important centers in the world and in our country,” he said.


Stating that they want the egg freezing method to become widespread, Prof. Dr. Öner said, “Some women postpone their pregnancy plans because they are planning a career. As age progresses, both the number of eggs and their quality decrease. Just as our bodies age, the eggs age after 35 years. Both their quality and number may decrease. “The rate of getting pregnant more comfortably and in a healthy way is increasing in recent times. This method is very suitable for career and child planning.”

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