A study conducted by the nonprofit organization The Pew Charitable Trusts in the USA revealed that 52 percent of Kovid-19 patients hospitalized in the USA used antibiotics.

In the study, it was reported that 60 percent of patients who took antibiotics were hospitalized for 4 days or more, while this rate was 20 percent in patients who did not use antibiotics.

“Very few patients who were prescribed antibiotics had bacterial infection”
In the statement made by the organization regarding the results of the research, it was underlined that this situation is very worrying.

The statement emphasized that the more antibiotics are used, the more resistant bacteria will evolve and become more compatible with the antibiotic, and as a result, the bacteria will turn into “super bacteria”, which is very difficult or impossible to treat with existing drugs.

The statement recorded:

“Although antibiotics do not have a role in curing Kovid-19, doctors concerned about secondary bacterial infections can prescribe antibiotics to Kovid-19 patients. But very few patients who were prescribed antibiotics were found to have bacterial infections. This indicates that most patients use antibiotics unnecessarily.”

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