Sugar and sugar products Long-term use of sugar causes neurological problems. It has also been found to weaken the memory. It is also stated that it weakens the learning ability. For this reason, sugar should be avoided.

Alcohol is known to bankrupt the liver. But another little-known effect is that it depletes the brain. It weakens the ability to think clearly and consumes memory. If alcohol is stopped in the short term, its effects can be repaired to a certain extent. However, it can cause permanent damage in long-term use.

Fast Food A recent study at the University of Montreal revealed that fast food products change the chemistry of the brain. This leads to depression and anxiety problems. It has been proven that the additives in Fast Food products cause learning disability, lack of motivation and memory weakness.

Fried foods All processed foods contain chemicals, additives, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. These cause serious brain damage in both children and adults. Fried or processed foods damage the brain nerves. Some oils are more harmful than others. It has been determined that the most toxic and dangerous frying oil in nature is sunflower oil.

Processed or pre-cooked foods Just like fried foods, processed foods also cause damage to the central nervous system. This leads to degenerative brain disorder. It causes Alzheimer’s in later ages.

6. Very salty foods Everyone knows that salt damages the heart. What is not known is that the intense sodium in salt is also harmful to the brain and weakens the ability to think. It has also been proven to retard intelligence.

Grains Grains all damage brain function. But the only exception is 100 percent whole grains. So whole grains. If you consume a lot of grains, it will also cause you to age faster.

8. Processed proteins Proteins are muscle builders. Meat is the highest quality and richest source of protein. However, processed proteins such as sausage, salami, sausage and similar foods should be avoided. Natural proteins structure the nervous system, while processed proteins do the opposite. That is, it destroys the nervous system.

Trans fats All kinds of trans fats should be avoided. Trans fats cause many serious problems. Heart problems, cholesterol, and obesity are the most well-known. What is less well known is that it is also very damaging to the brain. It kills reflexes, lowers the quality of brain function. It also maximizes the risk of stroke. Alzheimer’s-like effects also occur in the long term. 10. Artificial sweeteners People use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar to lose weight. While it is true that these contain fewer calories, they do more harm than good. Long-term use causes brain damage and mental disorders.

Nicotine The harms of nicotine are endless. As for the brain thing… It prevents blood from going to your brain, which is the most important organ of your body… If blood does not go, oxygen does not go either..

This causes your brain to die slowly. Since it clogs the capillaries, it prevents the production of neurotransmitters and prevents their function… This also depletes the nervous system.

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