Because the treatment is mainly based on reducing intraocular pressure and one of the most important risk factors is high intraocular fluid pressure, the causes and treatment method of the disease, which is also known as ‘Eye Pressure’ disease among the public, is Eye Health and Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. We bought it from Uğur Emrah Altıparmak.

Acıbadem Ankara Hospital Eye Health and Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Uğur Emrah Altıparmak continued his words as follows: “Glaucoma is the 4th most common cause of loss in patients with preventable vision loss. These reasons are; age-related nearsightedness, uncorrected visual defects (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism) and cataracts. There are different types of glaucoma, and it can occur at different ages.

The most common type in adults is called ‘Open Angle glaucoma’. Unfortunately, this type of glaucoma is the quietest and shows the latest findings. In these patients, spotted vision occurs in the peripheral parts of the vision. If the disease progresses, the patients first see it as a tunnel and eventually lose all their vision. In the less common type of ‘closed angle glaucoma’, there are symptoms such as redness and pain in the eye and blurred vision. However, the diagnosis of glaucoma disease is mostly noticed by chance during examination and when it is noticed, there may be advanced damage in the optic nerve. “

Glaucoma can also be seen in babies

Stating that the incidence of glaucoma gradually increases after the age of 40, Prof. Dr. Uğur Emrah Altıparmak stated that after the age of 40, a regular eye examination is required once a year. “Glaucoma disease can rarely be seen in newborns or children,” said Altıparmak, “Routine eye examinations are extremely important for early detection and treatment of these. Today, with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, routine eye examinations are performed for all babies in the 3rd and 12th months.

Early diagnosis is important

Explaining the treatment aspects of glaucoma, Emrah Altıparmak said, “It is aimed to stop the progression of the disease, that is, to prevent the loss of cells in the optic nerve. The recovery of the lost nerve cells is currently not possible. The backbone of the treatment is eye drops that lower intraocular pressure. Today, there are many eye drops that are effective with infrequent dosing. Surgical options are also applied in glaucoma types that cannot be cured with drops ”.

Pandemic delays glaucoma treatment

Underlining that glaucoma is a disease that can be treated successfully today, Altıparmak said, “However, as with many diseases, the disease can be controlled earlier and advanced vision loss can be prevented with early diagnosis. Glaucoma patients who disrupt their eye controls due to the Covid-19 outbreak are a cause of concern for us. I would like to emphasize that glaucoma patients take necessary hygiene measures and regularly go to eye examinations. He concluded his words by saying that the laconic phrase expressed in many chronic diseases: “Fear not to be sick, but to be late” is extremely realistic and valid for glaucoma.

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