Assoc. Dr. Erkan Soylu made important statements about whether or not to perform rhinoplasty in the summer months, which is very curious. Assoc. Dr. Stating that the reason underlying the perception that “nose surgery is not possible in the summer” is unknown, Soylu said, “This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our patients as we approach the summer months. In the summer months, my nose swells more ‘,’ my risk of bleeding will be higher ‘are not few. I should state that the perception that ‘nose surgery is not performed in the summer months’ is completely wrong. The complication rate between winter operations and summer surgeries is similar. There is no evidence in the literature that the rate of problems is high in operations performed in the summer. Therefore, nose surgeries can be performed in the summer and there is no medical problem, “he said.


Stating that the main thing to ask is the issues that those who have surgery in the summer will pay attention to, Assoc. Dr. Soylu continued as follows:

“As everyone knows, the summer months are the months when people have a holiday, and elements such as the sea, the pool and the sun are in our lives. Our patients who are considering surgery in the summer should first arrange their vacation and surgery appointments appropriately. Because entering the sea and especially the pool for the first month after surgery may be risky in terms of infection. In our practice, we do not recommend that our patients who underwent surgery enter the sea and pool in the first month, which is an important time for the wound surfaces to close. Especially entering pools filled with fresh water may pose an infection risk for the first month when wound healing and incision areas are not yet closed. The sea is a little more innocent in this regard than the pool, it does not contain much microorganisms due to its intense salt content. “


Assoc. Dr. Soylu said, “Another feature of the summer months is that the sun makes itself felt better. After rhinoplasty surgery, bruising and swelling around the eyes is a condition that can occur in each patient, albeit in different amounts. These color changes on the face usually resolve completely within the first 10 days. During these first 10 days, our patients should wear hats and avoid contact with the sun’s rays while walking outside. Prolonged sunbathing by the sea may cause swelling and redness in the nose for the first 6 months. It is possible for our patients to swim and sunbathe in the sea or pool after the first month, but they should apply sunscreen on their faces during sunbathing and protect the face area from sun exposure for a long time with a towel or hat. Summer months are warmer than other months. It is not appropriate for those who have had surgery in these months to stay in very hot environments for a long time, especially for the first month. It is more appropriate to spend time in shady areas and air-conditioned environments ”.


Assoc. Dr. Soylu gave the following information regarding the use of sunglasses after rhinoplasty: “We do not recommend sunglasses for the first two months after rhinoplasty. After the second month, glasses that are light and do not touch the back of the nose too much can be preferred. Most of our patients work intensely during the season and cannot find the opportunity to undergo surgery. For this reason, they prefer the summer months. In conclusion, I have to say that our patients can have their surgeries done in the summer months with peace of mind by arranging a suitable vacation and surgery appointment and considering the issues I mentioned above. “

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