Experts point out that eating disorders are more common in adolescents, women, and successful young girls in professional groups such as models, dancers, and athletes.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Özgenur Taşkın made evaluations about the problems caused by the use of social media.

Shares about health and diet are increasing

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Özgenur Taşkın, who pointed out that the use of social media is increasing day by day with the effect of the pandemic in all age groups, said, “Recent statistics show that social media posts about health and diet are also very popular. For this reason, ‘How to diet?’, ‘How to stay fit?’, ‘How many calories should be burned per day?’ faced with a loop. In parallel with the current situation, many social media users are looking for health-related information on these channels, but the information obtained from these platforms can be misleading.” said.

Eating disorders are common in women and adolescents.

Stating that the increase in the ease of access to the internet and social media platforms has created an environment for individuals with mood disorders and eating disorders to share their feelings, experiences and information about their diseases, Taşkın said, “Eating disorders are caused by significant problems in people’s eating behaviors and related thoughts and feelings. a diagnosis of psychiatry can be made. Studies show that the diagnosis of eating disorders is more common in women and adolescents. he said.

Eating disorder shown as a perception of beauty

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Özgenur Taşkın, emphasizing that eating disorders are a group of psychiatric diseases with biological, psychological and socio-cultural dimensions, said, “The fact that it especially affects young people and that the size of this effect is increasing is of great interest to physicians, educators and parents working in every branch. Since their treatment is difficult, long and expensive, social and educational preventive and preventive efforts are of great importance. Some pro-eating disorder websites promote disordered eating, making eating disorder viewed as a fashion or beauty perception. Exposure to such social media content, negative mood, and reduced self-esteem; Research has been associated with negative effects such as reduced perceived attractiveness and strict dieting.” used the phrases.

Very common in successful young girls

Pointing out that the deterioration in body perceptions and evaluations of the life-threatening situation in individuals with eating disorders sometimes pushes the limits of reality, Taşkın said, “This situation is considered as a serious reasoning flaw and pathological denial. Statistically, we can say that this situation is more common in young girls with high school and professional success. For example, their incidence is higher in professions such as models, dancers and athletes. Childhood sexual and physical abuse, anxiety and mood disorders before the onset of the disease, excessive or inadequate parental intervention are among the factors affecting eating disorders. said.

Cases of eating disorders have increased recently

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Özgenur Taşkın concluded his words as follows:

“Therefore, preventive measures need to be taken, families have great responsibilities. Adolescents’ social media should be observed by their parents. Recently, it has been determined that one of the reasons for the increase in eating disorder cases in hospitals and psychiatry clinics is social media. If the person thinks that he or she is badly affecting himself or his child, he should take precautions, if he thinks that the measures he takes are insufficient and that it affects his life, he should definitely get support from a mental health specialist.

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