Poppy grass is among the grass species used in many different areas in daily life. It is possible to say that it has an important place in the production of vegetable dyes, especially through its many different colors together with red. So it is widely used for industrial field. But its use is not limited to this.

At the same time, bakers in Europe use it in many different types of food after drying. It is generally used in breads and many different foods with dough, together with its unique aroma and taste. In other words, it is possible to say that it is a type of grass that can be used in many different parts of the world for consumption.

Poppy grass is one of the important food sources that attracts attention with the benefits it offers. Poppy, which is used both as food and in many different sectors, has an important place for different diseases.

It is especially effective for skin and hair health.

It strengthens the immune system and provides significant protection against free radicals.
It protects heart health.
It is effective in increasing fertility in women.
It improves blood circulation.
It is helpful and effective in digestion.
It has an important place in regulating the nervous system.
It has a preventive effect on type 2 diabetes.
Relieves pain.
It has a calming effect.
It is beneficial for bones through the effect of calcium.
In this way, together with the different benefits given above, it can be used regularly and in a balanced way. It should be stated that it is among the healthy and natural plant species used both in foods for consumption and in dyeing.

Poppy flower is very effective especially in terms of hair and skin health. It also has an important place against many diseases by being evaluated on different usage methods. In this context, it protects the heart, strengthens the immune system, and is effective for digestive and stomach ailments as well as regulating the nervous system. It provides an important protection against many external effects, especially by strengthening the immune system.

Poppy grass is also a source used by preparing water. In this direction, it is very effective for colds, colds and bronchitis by softening the chest. It also provides an expectorant effect. Especially with the removal of the water of the poppy flower, it creates a relieving effect after adding to the vinegar. In women, it provides special support to relieve uterine stiffness. In this way, it is one of the important natural food sources that can be used and evaluated from 7 to 70, over many different features and benefits.

With excessive consumption of poppy, some harm may occur, as in many different natural plant sources. In particular, headache, nausea, hypersensitivity may occur in the digestive systems, along with excessive unresponsiveness. These side effects, which stand out in general, occur when it is used more than necessary. Apart from this, when used in a balanced and regular manner, it is among the grass species with significant benefits.

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