Ice therapy is more preferred in areas with stubborn fat tissue such as abdomen, hips, belly and legs. In ice therapy, with the cold applied at -40 degrees, the fats are frozen and thrown out of the body, thus it is possible to lose weight.

Different methods are emerging from time to time to get rid of excess weight. One of the methods used to lose weight recently is ice therapy. In this method, ice wrapped in a thin cloth is applied to the area planned to be weakened for a certain period of time and at certain intervals.

To do ice therapy, first wrap the ice in a thin cloth. Then apply it for 30 minutes, taking a five-minute break on the area you want to weaken. You can apply ice therapy once a day for 12 days.

Studies conducted abroad have revealed that cold accelerates fat burning. It is also cold; It accelerates blood circulation and accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body.

Also in Turkey, some experts say that ice therapy will put an end to the problems related to weight loss. However, this desired weight loss is possible by freezing the fats at -40 degrees with the help of a device. With ice therapy, stubborn areas of fat tissue such as abdomen, hips, legs and waist can melt.

Fats are frozen with the applied cold. Thus, blood circulation accelerates, toxins are expelled and a large amount of calories are consumed. The endurance of the lymph increases. Fat cells are reduced. While the muscles are revitalized and tightened, the body is reshaped by thinning.

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