According to the report titled ‘Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments Sector’ published by Grand View Research, the size of the global aesthetic market reached $ 4.6 billion in 2020. It was noted that the biggest share in the market was non-surgical aesthetic methods using injectable substances such as botox and hyaluronic acid with 62%. Dermatology Specialist Dr. Hande Ulusal said, “In this difficult period in which we were confined to homes, we got closer to mirrors than ever before. Therefore, our skin imperfections, wrinkles or signs of aging started to attract our attention. In this period, the anxiety of contamination, which was riveted by the hospital environment, increased the demand for non-surgical skin rejuvenation methods that can be completed in minutes ”.


Sharing the details of the non-surgical skin rejuvenation method developed specifically for the needs of patients, Uzm. Dr. Hande Ulusal used the following statements:

“The Magic Touch method, which we also call magic touch, includes two different approaches: Princess Touch for under 45 and Queen Touch for 45+. The main thing here is to draw a special program for the patient in line with the skin type, age, previous procedures and the needs of the area to be rejuvenated. Because normal skin care unavoidably remains superficial, however, the middle layer of the skin needs to be supported. At this point, Magic Touch creates a combination of procedures that will provide long-term permanence in one go for those who cannot have their skin care regularly. Thus, it is possible to bring together the most suitable applications for the patient by considering the skin-nourishing and supportive procedures within the framework of a holistic approach.


Uzm also mentioned that with the widespread use of non-surgical aesthetic methods, the people and institutions serving in this field have increased. Dr. Hande Ulusal said, “One of the biggest factors in the preference of non-surgical aesthetics is the absence of difficulties such as narcosis, incision, stitching and convalescence period. These advantages also cause non-surgical aesthetics to be oversimplified from time to time. Naturally, the day rises for those who try to turn this situation into an opportunity, and we may encounter sad examples in which human health is disregarded. However, the fact that this method does not require surgery does not mean that there is no need for professionalism. On the contrary, every touch should be planned step by step specifically for the patient and should be done according to the need, not the demand ”.

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