Pointing out that the difficult-to-find kidney failure disease is becoming increasingly common, Yeditepe University Hospitals Internal Medicine and Nephrology Specialist Prof. Dr. Süheyla Apaydın reminded that there are many factors in the emergence of the disease, from diabetes to rheumatological diseases. Stating that the disease can be treated with the diagnosis at an early stage, Prof. Dr. Süheyla Apaydın said that nephritis, kidney and urinary tract stones that directly affect the kidney can also lead to kidney failure.

Professor, who warned that the disease may tend to progress due to the nature of the disease, due to the late diagnosis. Dr. Süheyla Apaydın said, “In addition to the structural disorders of the kidney, diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, rheumatological diseases, infections, congenital and genetic syndromes can cause kidney failure by affecting many organs and systems as well as the kidney. Considering that these problems are quite common in our country and their prevalence is increasing, we can say that the importance of chronic kidney failure is increasing.

Reminding that if the underlying disease is known and the patient is followed closely, it will be easier to recognize the disease. Dr. Süheyla Apaydın continued her words as follows:

“In those with insidious course, symptoms such as increased blood pressure, chronic fatigue, weakness, night urination, bad breath, increased need to drink water, and edema starting in the legs can be seen depending on the nature and amount of kidney damage. Unfortunately, especially in young people, symptoms can only be seen after they reach an advanced stage. can occur.”

Informing that the two most common causes of chronic kidney failure in Turkey are diabetes and hypertension, Prof. Dr. Süheyla Apaydın said, “The treatment of the main disease should not be neglected in systemic diseases involving the kidney such as diabetes and hypertension.

The better it is under control, the less likely the kidney will get sick. Likewise, regardless of the underlying cause, to control blood pressure, to reduce salt regardless of where it comes from, to reduce animal proteins in meals, to lose weight, to quit smoking, not to use uncontrolled painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs, except for emergency conditions, consult a nephrologist or internal medicine specialist. It is necessary not to have tomography, angiography, radiography, which is given contrast agent (dye) without consulting. It is necessary to come to regular follow-up at certain intervals. In addition, other drug treatments such as blood sugar control, alkali treatment, and reduction of uric acid can be given.

Sharing the knowledge that many factors are effective in chronic kidney failure and that all these factors should be controlled together, Prof. Dr. Apaydın continued his words as follows. “For example, you cannot control blood pressure in spite of medications without reducing salt. Protein loss in the urine does not decrease without the use of appropriate blood pressure medication. If you cannot lose weight, blood pressure and sugar control will be difficult. Even if you give alkaline treatment, you will not slow down the deterioration of the kidney without reducing animal protein. Unfortunately, there is no such approach that everything will get better with a single treatment, and a definitive result will be obtained.”

“As a kind of exploitation of the patients’ hopes, gilaburu, blueberry, rosemary, St. John’s wort, bitter melon and herbal treatments from China, which are highly recommended on the internet, have no benefit, and herbal treatments from China in particular can increase the progression of the disease,” warned Prof. Dr. Apaydın said, “Gilaburu and blueberry may have a reducing effect on the frequency of urinary tract infections such as frequent cystitis due to a substance they contain. However, it has not been proven by scientific studies.

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