Child Health and Diseases Department Specialist Dr. Özge Kaya Kılınç gave information about common summer infections in children. Kilinc said that parents should take some precautions to protect children from sunstroke, pool infections, summer diarrhea and diseases caused by rising temperatures. Stating that microbes multiply more easily on surfaces and foods with the increase in temperature, Kılınç said, “This situation causes infectious diseases that cause diarrhea and vomiting to be seen more frequently in summer. At the same time, sunstrokes and sunburns are also very common in the summer months. Especially fair-skinned people and children are affected by the side effects of the sun. These effects should be treated more carefully. In addition, external and middle ear infections caused by the pool and the sea are frequently seen in children during the summer months. Another problem that is increasing in frequency with the warming of the air is insect stings and bites.


Kılıç said, “Children exposed to the sun for a long time should be removed from the hot environment and taken to a shaded and cool place. Since too much exposure to the sun will cause fluid loss, fluid supplementation should be done slowly but frequently. In cases where there is a change in consciousness, inability to take fluids or vomiting occurs, the child should be taken to the nearest health institution without losing time. In the summer months, a rash in infants and children occurs as a result of the increase in temperature and not choosing clothes suitable for high temperatures. To prevent the formation of rash, children and babies should be dressed in cotton clothes that do not tighten the body and absorb sweat. In cases where a rash occurs, the child should be bathed frequently and the skin should be relaxed with lotion. In case of intense itching, a doctor should be consulted and anti-itch creams should be used with the recommendation of the doctor.


Kılınç said the following about the ways to prevent summer diarrhea, which is usually seen in children:

“To prevent summer diarrhea, first of all, it should be taken into account that foods will spoil very quickly. For this reason, foods should be consumed without waiting too long outside or they should be kept in the refrigerator. It is also very important that drinking water and liquid mixtures made with water are clean. As children spend more time in parks and open spaces during the summer months, traumas outside the home increase considerably. Bleeding should be stopped by pressing with a clean cloth or clothing in bleeding injuries after falling. If the bleeding does not stop, you should go to the health institution without wasting time. If fracture is suspected, the traumatized area should be immobilized with the support of a hard object, and then a physician should be consulted immediately.


Kılıç stated that the use of high levels of chlorine for disinfection of pools ensures that most of the microbes are destroyed, “But since pools are a common area, some viruses resistant to chlorine can cause childhood viral infections. The most common infectious diseases by season; hand, foot and mouth disease, diarrhea, external ear, eye and urinary tract infections. In insect bites, it is very important to first clean the area with soap and water. Short-term and controlled cold application on a clean cloth will reduce the redness and itching that will occur as a result of the bite. The use of mosquito nets can be preferred especially to protect babies from insect and fly bites. In addition, natural liquids or oils applied to the body or clothes can be used.

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