Dr. Ayşin Kılınç Toker, in a statement to DHA, stated that the number of coronavirus cases decreased with the measures taken throughout the country. Stating that the desire to return to normal life occurs in everyone, Toker said, “Of course, the restrictions will decrease, but this should not mean let’s go out together, reduce our social distance to a minimum, quickly switch to the old normal as soon as possible. time must continue, “he said.

Stating that the perception that the virus reduces its effect in cold weather is wrong and that those who are in crowded indoor environments are at risk, Toker said, “Of course, people are bored now. They want to continue their social activities and sports activities. We are trying to understand this, but there is something like this. It corresponds to about 1 year around. It has been available for four seasons. In fact, we do not expect the virus to decrease in cold weather. In fact, the risk of contamination may rise again due to the increased use of indoor environments. Therefore, we should act in a way that we do not prefer closed environments too much. ” he spoke.


Stating that healthcare professionals have achieved successful work during the pandemic period, Toker said:

“This 12-month process was not the one we expected. Especially mothers of healthcare workers, spouses of healthcare professionals and families had great problems. We had to be separated from our children for a very long time. We entrusted them to our parents. We always had a situation about carrying the risk of contamination to the home. During this process, our working hours increased a lot. The time we spent in protective equipment increased. We lived a year that we never expected, but we will continue to do our best as the whole health community. Because the important thing is our social health and the important thing is to fulfill our duty in the best way. “

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