In daily life, almost everyone complains of muscle aches, fatigue and injuries, as well as more serious conditions. While sometimes muscle pains disappear within a few days, sometimes they can become chronic and become permanent. Muscle pain that passes in a few days does not cause major problems, while long-lasting and permanent muscle aches affect the daily life of people both in terms of activity and psychologically and cause a serious decrease in life comfort. These chronic conditions in which muscle pains are continuous and negatively affect the life of the person are called myalgia.

Causes Muscle Pain?

Stress, wrong or malnutrition, insufficient water consumption, irregular sleep, excessive activity, overweight, hereditary conditions, infections, and other diseases can also cause muscle pain. Anemia, Joint inflammation, Chronic fatigue syndrome, asymmetrical gait (limping), Flu infections, Fibromyalgia Syndrome, myofascial pain syndrome can be counted among other causes of pain.

To Prevent Muscle Pain;

Regular exercise is very important to eliminate muscle pain that becomes chronic and myalgia. Correct and regular exercises such as aerobic exercises, stretching and stretching exercises, and endurance exercises reduce the incidence of myalgia by making the muscles stronger and more flexible. The important thing during exercise is the expert advice and correct implementation of the movements. Improper exercises can cause increased pain and other injuries.

Home Exercise Suggestions;

You can take 5-7 minutes walks in your hallway at home, several times a day. If you have a terrace, you can increase this time up to 10 minutes. It will be beneficial for your whole body to stop sitting for a long time and take a step in between. Since walking is more limited during this period of staying at home, you can exercise your arms and legs with weights at home (such as terabands, small dumbbells or 1-1.5 lt full water bottles …) It can be a good choice in terms of body movement in dancing. You can dance to brisk music for 10 minutes at home. You can do breathing exercises for your lung health. The management place of the muscles in the body is the abdomen, hips and waist junctions. For this reason, it is important to do simple waist and abdominal exercises.

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