ERÜ Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology, Good Clinical Practice Center Successor Dr. Ahmet İnal made warnings, stating that some patients who had coronavirus disease may have depression. Inal, “Depression can develop in people after coronavirus. It is necessary to pay attention to nutrition in order to eliminate this disease or to prevent depression in those who have had the disease. Nutrition with foods rich in zinc and folic acid is very important for us.

In studies conducted in the Far East, it was observed that people who ate rich in folic acid had less depression. In fact, some depressed patients were given folic acid food, and some were not given folic acid food. Depression was less common in people who were given foods with folic acid. For this reason, folic acid is a very rich product. Green leafy foods such as mint and arugula should be consumed too much. Apart from this, nuts such as pumpkin seeds, which are rich in zinc, should be eaten. While consuming them, the amount is also very important for us, “he said.


Indicating that especially people who spend their time at home are bored, İnal said, “Sometimes when we look at the streets, it is not possible not to get depressed during the period of partial and complete isolation. Inevitably, boredom comes to us. While you should see the streets chirping, you encounter empty streets. In this case, not only nutrition but also sports. It should be given importance. Sports habits should be increased. Inactivity causes illness not only physically but also mentally.


Referring to the use of unconscious painkillers, İnal said, “One of the most common problems today is the use of unconscious painkillers. Painkillers are drugs that we can buy randomly from the pharmacy against head, tooth or any pain. This is our handicap. Therefore, we can see the use of many random painkillers. To say that there is a risk of death even with the simplest painkillers. If you use painkillers above a certain dose, death is seen. Therefore, care should be taken in painkillers, “he said.


Noting that those who have the vaccine should pay attention to the use of painkillers, İnal said, “Today, vaccines are very intensive. There are studies on the interaction between pain and vaccine. Painkillers should not be taken too much after the vaccine and before the vaccine. Simple painkillers are low in any headache after the vaccine. The type of pain is very important in headache. Pain is evaluated as neurological or rare headache. If it is a headache caused by a daily routine disease, it should be treated accordingly. he spoke.

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