Immunosuppressant drugs can make the patient more vulnerable to infections, but it is possible to overcome this process in a healthy way by taking the necessary precautions and planning various lifestyle changes during the treatment. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çetin gave information about what blood and lymphatic cancer patients should pay attention to during the Covid-19 period.

People who have been treated and have a bone marrow transplant should be vaccinated against Covid-19.

In recent scientific studies, it is seen that vaccines developed against Covid-19 are safe and effective. The vaccine has a protective effect against the disease by removing antibody levels in the body. The effectiveness of the vaccine may be less in immunocompromised patients. However, patients who have completed cancer treatment and recovered with marrow transplantation are still recommended to be vaccinated against Covid-19 if they do not have a reaction to any component of the vaccine.

Even if vaccinated, protection should continue

The extent to which immunocompromised blood and lymph cancer patients and marrow transplant patients will develop immunity in response to vaccination will become clearer in the coming days. Vaccinated patients should also continue to follow current guidelines very strictly to protect themselves from exposure to Covid-19. Cancer and marrow transplant patients who are immunocompromised must comply with masks, social distance and hygiene rules like other individuals.

Treatment and follow-up processes are important

With the concern of Covid-19 during the pandemic process, many patients can leave their treatment unfinished and avoid going to the planned doctor’s checks. This can cause the disease to progress and may even be life-threatening. Follow-up and treatments should never be interrupted. In addition, various regulations are made in the drug program of the patients who will be vaccinated.

Hematology Oncology specialists; He has previously had extensive experience in different types of vaccines in these processes of patients undergoing cancer treatment, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy or marrow transplantation. For patients who use chemotherapeutic drugs known to affect immunity directly or indirectly or who receive marrow transplant treatment; Well-known conventional strategies, such as vaccination after appropriate waiting times between treatment cycles, can be administered by the patient’s own physicians to maintain the efficacy of the vaccine and support the immune response.

Recommendations for patients receiving cancer treatment;

1. It is extremely important for cancer patients to use the correct mask. In daily life, it may be recommended not to use public transportation if possible, and to wear double masks if this is necessary.

2. Particular attention should be paid to a healthy diet. The foods recommended by the experts should be consumed in a balanced way, in appropriate amounts.

3. A healthy sleep strengthens the immune system. Care should be taken not to disturb the sleep pattern.

4. Being in closed and crowded environments should be avoided and, if possible, travel should not be made.

5. Nobody, including family members, should be contacted without taking precautions, and social distance should be followed in the home environment.

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