Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Dr. Instructor Member Emine Zeynep Yılmaz gave information about menstrual delay drugs.

Stating that the menstrual delay drug should be started at the latest 3 days before the expected menstrual day, Yılmaz said that there is no harm in using the drug for 2 weeks, but there are different methods if a longer period is desired to be delayed.

Yılmaz stated that for this purpose, birth control pills can be used uninterruptedly under the control of a doctor and said:

“The delay medicine is stopped when menstruation is desired and it is usually within 1 week at the latest. The first menstruation may be heavy after the drug is stopped. Menstrual delays, which are used indiscriminately on summer holidays to delay the date of menstruation, are risky in terms of side effects. These pills are risky in terms of side effects. Women with suspected pregnancy, breast cancer and abnormal bleeding should not use it. Do not use menstrual delay pills without consulting your doctor. Menstrual delay drugs do not have a contraceptive effect.

Norethisterone, a progesterone derivative, is the most commonly used delay medication. During the menstrual cycle, women have two hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen rises in the first half of the menstrual cycle, and then progesterone. In the normal cycle, menstruation begins as the level of progesterone decreases over time. Thanks to this drug, there will be no menstrual bleeding since the progesterone level in the body will not decrease with external support. These drugs, which only delay the menstrual cycle, have no effect on not getting pregnant.”

Yılmaz also gave information about cinnamon, parsley tea, rosemary, cucumber, watermelon and apple cider vinegar, which are frequently mentioned in the media and are pointed out as natural menstrual delays. Stating that natural menstrual delayers can be preferred instead of drug support during menstrual periods that are in the middle of holiday plans, Yılmaz also noted that there is not enough scientific data on this subject.

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