Stating that the nicotine in it causes smoking and tobacco addiction, Chest Diseases Specialist Dr. Ali Tunç said, “Thousands of chemicals known to be carcinogenic, around 80, are taken into our bodies. As the number of cigarettes and the duration of smoking increase, addiction increases and its harmful effects become evident over time.


Stating that the relationship between Kovid-19 and cigarettes is now more evident, Tunç said, “We can say that smokers are more likely to catch the coronavirus. If smokers become covid-19, they have a more severe disease process. We have read conflicting publications on this subject, but the confusion has completely disappeared thanks to the recent publications. Individuals began to question many bad habits and behaviors, including smoking behaviors. We know that there are patients who apply to smoking cessation outpatient clinics for this purpose. There are patients who are smokers, have a serious illness after contracting COVID-19, and whose lung complaints continue. We observe that the covid-19 processes are prolonged in relation to smoking in these patients. For this reason, smokers in our country need to be careful about this issue and resolutely bring forward the process of getting rid of nicotine addiction.”


Ali Tunç said that they can get help from a doctor if the smokers have difficulties on their own when they decide to quit, and continued:

“The physician can provide appropriate nicotine replacement therapy, some oral medications and, if necessary, psychological support. It may be helpful for the person to set a special day to quit smoking. After quitting smoking, he should stay away from reminders (lighter, ashtray) and environments. Drinking plenty of fluids, exercise and nature walks will be beneficial. Deferred occupation or hobbies can be restarted or a new hobby can be acquired. Support can be obtained from family and community. Deep breathing exercises, consumption of raw vegetables and fruits, and taking a shower can be applied for sudden smoking crises that will occur from time to time. The increase in appetite and weight gain that will occur with smoking cessation should not scare the person. Instead of floury and high-calorie foods and drinks, lighter ones should be preferred. Even a single cigarette should not be tried, saying that when smoking is stopped, I will not start again. By thinking about the positive effects that will occur in the body when you quit smoking during the stress phase, the determination can be increased and this gives strength to the person. Electronic cigarettes or heated tobacco products are not a smoking cessation method. Because they contain nicotine, they continue to be addicted. It also contains many harmful substances such as heavy metals, nitrosamines, polycyclic hydrocarbons.”

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