Snoring during sleep is a big problem, because the snorer is not aware of it, people who sleep in the same room are disturbed. Even in the same room, the same house and even neighbors can be disturbed by snoring.

Snoring negatively affects social environments and family life by making noise. But there is also the invisible side of it. Shortness of breath that accompanies snoring seriously affects the health of the person. We call it sleep apnea, that is, the cessation of breathing during sleep.

When breathing is interrupted during sleep, the body’s oxygen needs are not met and important organs such as the heart and brain are affected first. Apart from these organs, the hormone structure deteriorates, blood vessels are affected, and blood pressure increases.

The symptoms of people with sleep apnea during the day are;

Has trouble getting up in the morning
there will be forgetfulness
gets angry quickly
Tends to sleep constantly during the day
He falls asleep where he sits, on the couch, behind the wheel, at work.
sweats a lot
gains weight

Especially sleep apnea; nasal congestion, nasal concha, adenoids, sagging of the soft palate, enlargement of the tonsils, enlargement of the tongue root, back chin, short neck and being overweight increase.

First of all, in the treatment of sleep apnea; Those who are overweight should lose weight, those with nasal congestion should have a nose operation, those with sagging soft palate-small tongue should be shortened and corrected, enlargement in the tongue root, slip in the chin should be corrected.

Sleep apnea should be evaluated in a multidisciplinary team within a team. In order to make a correct diagnosis and treatment, a sleep test should be performed first. A detailed Ear Nose Throat examination should be performed.

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