Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Kemal Yıldırım gave information about the precautions to be taken against eye infections.

Are you sure that the pool you are using is clean?

When it comes to summer months, some external factors cause eye diseases to develop. Especially the pools, which are preferred by people who are overwhelmed by the heat of the summer, can invite serious problems when they are not sure of their cleanliness.

In whom is the stinging sensation more common?

People who use the pool very often,
In people with low body resistance,
Occurs in people who use contact lenses. The biggest handicap of the contact lens is that it absorbs the water of the pool, causing microorganisms to settle in the pores and developing infections.

Eye health should not be neglected

One of the most common problems is conjunctivitis. It occurs due to microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasites transmitted from pools that are not sterilized by chlorination or different disinfection processes.
4Watch out for these symptoms
Watch out for these signs!
Eyes watering,
· Burning,
· Redness,
stinging sensation in the eyes,
· Itching,
Strain if using lenses,
Conjunctivitis, which manifests itself as a sticky thin layer around the eyes, also causes sensitivity to light. People who experience these complaints should definitely consult a specialist ophthalmologist. Because if neglected, it can cause much more serious problems.

Be prepared for allergic reactions

The pool, which is one of the areas where time is spent most frequently in summer, can cause serious problems in the eyes due to the chlorine it contains. One of them is allergic reactions. The simplest precaution to be taken to prevent this situation, which is frequently encountered especially in allergic bodies and sensitive people, is the use of sea goggles.

Beware of chemical conjunctivitis

One of the eye diseases caused by chlorine in the pool is chemical conjunctivitis. This is observed in people who spend a lot of time in the pool. Because too much chlorination of the pool can cause this disease, as can under-chlorination of the pool. Chemical conjunctivitis manifested by complaints similar to normal conjunctivitis; It causes stinging, burning, itching and sensitivity to light in the eyes.

Do not invite permanent vision loss

Corneal inflammation may develop as the microorganisms in the pool settle on the cornea. There may be a white spot on the transparent layer, which may be accompanied by severe stinging and burning. Even if the inflammation progresses too far, a perforation may occur in the cornea. This can lead to decreased vision or even permanent vision loss.

Listen to these precautions!

· Do not enter pools that are not sure of their cleanliness,
Sea goggles should be used,
Sunglasses that filter UV rays should be used,
Daily contact lenses that can be thrown away at the end of the day by swimming in the pool and the sea should be used.

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