According to the data of the Turkish Society of Nephrology, there are 74,475,000 patients followed up with a diagnosis of kidney disease in Turkey. There are 22,000 patients on the kidney transplant waiting list. At the 34th National Nephrology, Hypertension, Dialysis and Transplantation Congress held in Antalya, Turkish Nephrology Association General Secretary Prof. Dr. According to Siren Sezer, it is not possible to melt this figure with the current number of transplants.

The reason why kidney transplantation is so inadequate and cannot meet the need is the scarcity of organ donation from cadavers.

After the development of kidney failure, a troublesome treatment process begins. When we talk about drugs, dialysis and surgeries, only those who can meet a suitable donor smile.

For this reason, it is very important to know the value of the kidneys when they are healthy and to avoid behaviors that harm the kidneys. Dr. According to the information provided by Sezer,

Causes of kidney failure

1- Diabetes disease


3-Atherosclerosis (Atherosclerosis)

5-Eating a lot of salt

4-Obesity and unhealthy diet

6-The habit of drinking less and irregular water

7-Consuming unconscious herbal products

8-Using intense painkillers

9-Excretion problems, urinary retention in young people, prostate enlargement and bladder problems in the elderly.

10- Smoking

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