Stating that healthy families form the basis of a healthy society, Dr. Nurten Elkin said, “The family is a social institution that undertakes the task of providing the bond between the society and the individual and ensures the continuation of the society. Although the functions, form or characteristics of the family have changed over time, the family has existed in all societies throughout history. The family, which is the first and natural nucleus of the society, not only provides the natural conditions for the physical, intellectual and moral development of the individual, but also constitutes the basic building blocks of the society. The family is the most suitable environment for the child to be brought up, educated and made a healthy member of the society.


Stating that the basic values ​​of societies are transferred to new generations through the family, Istanbul Gelişim University (IGU) Health Sciences Faculty Child Development Department Head Dr. Instructor Member Nurten Elkin used the following statements:

“Mother and father provide the child with nutrition, shelter, protection and education; By showing enough interest, love and compassion to the child, meeting their needs on time and on time, they lay the foundation for the child’s sense of trust and help him develop his abilities. From this point of view, it can be said that the family is the most effective institution in preparing the child for the future.”


Stating that it is possible to define family health, it is very difficult to define a healthy family, Dr. Elkin said, “In the literature, a healthy family is defined as a successful family. However, it is possible to talk about some characteristics of a healthy family, ”he said.

Stating that there is good communication between members of a healthy family, Dr. “Family members support and approve of each other,” says Elkin. Family members are aware of their roles, duties and responsibilities. Family members trust each other. There is joy in the family, free time is shared together. Right and wrong in social life are taught. The family has its own customs and traditions. Family members respect each other’s privacy. Family problems and crises are solved together,” he said.


Emphasizing that the family is actually a union of forces, Dr. Elkin said, “The deterioration of the health of the families means the deterioration of the health of the whole society. It is important and even necessary for the physical and mental health of all family members, and especially children, to use the coping mechanisms that they are strong enough to face in the life cycle of the family, but to receive all kinds of professional counseling in cases where these are insufficient.

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