It is possible to use cibes grass both in dishes and in salads. It should be noted that it is mostly used in the form of salad, even if its roasting is considered, especially with olive oil dishes. It is also known that its large leaves are collected in different regions and used as stuffing.

On the other hand, it can be eaten raw or consumed in the form of herbal tea by boiling. However, it is stated that it should not be dried and cooked in very hot temperatures so that it does not lose its vitamin and mineral resources. It is possible to offer a wonderful salad over cibez grass by mixing 3 or 4 cloves of garlic with olive oil and salt.

First of all, it is necessary to cut the stems of Cibes grass carefully. Afterwards, it is important to wash in water with the same care and for a long time. Then, by adding water and salt to a pot, cibez grass should be boiled for 10 or 15 minutes. After the boiling process is finished, it should be left to cool for a few minutes by straining.

Finally, by adjusting the dose by tasting, it can be used in different food cultures in accordance with the purpose. It is among the natural plant sources that are used more in salads and especially evaluated over the boiled method.

Cibes grass is one of the important grass species belonging to the Aegean Region, which is used in many different food cultures in accordance with the purpose. It is possible to state that it is effective against many different diseases when consumed in a balanced way without overdoing it.

It allows the worms in the intestine to be expelled.
It provides vitality and energy to the body during the day.
It is known to have anti-cancer properties.
It significantly reduces the possibility of infection in the body.
It contributes to the development of bone and dental health.
It beautifies the skin, makes it more lively and bright.
It is effective against depression.
By creating a feeling of satiety, it provides the opportunity to lose weight in a balanced and healthy way.
Because it is rich in vitamin C, it is good against flu, cold and flu.
Strengthens the immune system
It facilitates digestion.
It prevents constipation.
It helps regulate blood circulation.
As you can see, it should be said that cibez grass has a large number of benefits. Therefore, it is among the important grass species that are evaluated all over Turkey, based on different usage and consumption methods.

It is generally wondered whether there are any harms for the grass species used and consumed in different ways. When there are some situations in this regard, some side effects of cibes grass come to the fore. It can cause diarrhea, especially during heavy use. It can also cause water loss along with abdominal pain and nausea.

For this reason, it should be consumed regularly and in a balanced way in order to avoid negative consequences. Of course, when consumed without peeling, it is also known to cause abdominal pain. Apart from these, when consumed in a balanced way, it is a healthy herb type that does not have any serious harm or side effects.

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