Specialist Clinical Psychologist Serkan Elçi shared important recommendations while evaluating the reasons for the anxiety that may occur in candidates before the upcoming High School Entrance Exam and Higher Education Institution Exams.

Students are experiencing serious difficulties

Noting that students experience serious difficulties in distance education, especially due to coronavirus, Serkan Elçi said, “Normally, a house is a resting place for a person. For a child and teenager, the house was a place where he played games, now it became the place where he received education and lessons. Therefore, it may take time for their minds to code them. The fact that both the resting place and the place where he plays and rests are the same as the place where he takes lessons can bring difficulties for the person.” said.

Planning reduces anxiety

Emphasizing the importance of making progress in a planned and programmed manner in order for people with test anxiety to reduce this anxiety, Serkan Elçi said, “One has to know very well what to do tomorrow. If he can establish his daily routines, know what to work, what to look at, and even at what time intervals to pay attention to this point and dwell on it, these daily worries can be seriously reduced.” said.

He should know what to study that day

Noting that another important point in reducing anxiety is to determine the time correctly, Serkan Elçi said, “In other words, the person must know what to work in the day he is in. It is a great success even if it fits the time set by 70-80% if possible. It is also very important that the person makes plans for the future and has realistic expectations. A person can know approximately what he can do in the exam according to the tempo of his work. If he has set a goal for him, if he has a realistic goal, it will be much more appropriate to work towards that goal.” he said.

Sleep pattern also affects test anxiety

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Serkan Elçi said, “It is very important to provide a sleep routine and to have the same sleep pattern,” and said, “Sleep order was very disrupted during the coronavirus process. In this process, it is very important to maintain a sleep routine. We can say that night sleep is one of the most important points in people’s lives. The hormones secreted in the mind during the sleep period between 11 am and 7 am are actually the factors that prepare the mind for the next day. If the person has not been able to sleep between these hours, stays awake, or has shifted to later hours, this will only help his body rest, it will not be a support for his mind to rest. Therefore, having a night’s sleep at similar times and repeating it routinely will greatly reduce the anxiety related to the exam.” gave advice.

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