Separation anxiety is the feeling of inappropriate and excessive anxiety with separation from the main developmental attachments of the child. I find that the room of a 3.5 – 4 year old child not being separated is related to the development of anxiety problems in the child. Despite the age of 4, children still sleeping in the same room with their parents; I observe fear of darkness, loneliness, and imaginary beings.

So how should the child be approached in this case?

Do not sleep in the same bed or even in the same room with my child because he or she is afraid of sleeping alone. Accompany him with stories only as he reads, sitting next to him, until he falls asleep. Leave the room when the child is asleep.

Even if he comes to the child in the middle of the night, do not take him to your bed, go to his room with him and accompany him with your tender touches by sitting next to him.

Have a little patience because your child is trying to be an individual, develops their self-confidence, and learns to cope with their anxieties. If you continue to do the opposite, your child will not be able to separate from you and will start to build a dependent personality. The first leg of this situation is Separation Anxiety Disorder, one of the first anxiety disorders seen in children and the first stop of other anxiety disorders.

If you think that you have difficulty in the subject, do not neglect to get support from a specialist without delaying the problem.

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