How to Make Quince Seed Gel?

● It is possible to make quince seed gel, which has many positive effects on the skin, easily at home.

● You can make a gel that will have a wonderful effect on your skin with quinces that you can easily find in winter.

● You will need to carefully cut 2 kilos of quince and remove the seeds inside.

● You will need to put the quince seeds you have extracted into half a glass of warm water and keep them in it for 2 nights.

● Stir the quince seeds in lukewarm water from time to time until they reach the consistency of jelly.

● There is no different action you need to do.

● It is a very easy process to prepare quince seed gel.

● The quince seeds waiting in water are ready to use after they reach the jelly consistency.

How to Use Quince Seed Gel?

● After preparing the quince seed gel, you can easily use it in various parts of your body.

● By using quince seed gel, it is possible to both create maintenance cures and to protect against diseases such as flu and cold.

● First of all, you need to decide for what purpose you will use the quince seed gel.

● One of the most common usage areas of quince seed gel is to remove blemishes on the skin.

● Firstly, apply the quince seed gel you have prepared on the stained areas on the skin.

● After applying it, leave it on your skin for at least 20 minutes.

● After that, use warm water and wash your skin thoroughly with gentle movements.

● You can also use quince seed gel, which has a calming effect, by making tea known as a calming cure.

● At the same time, when consumed with ginger and lemon, the quince seed gel also has a protective effect against colds.

What Are the Benefits of Quince Seed Gel?

● It is possible to apply the quince seed gel, which has many positive effects on the body, to almost any area on your skin.

● Quince seed gel is widely used to remove stains on the skin.

● It has a tightening and rejuvenating effect on the skin. However, for this effect to occur, the quince seed gel should be used regularly.

● It has a preventive effect on colds, which is quite common in winter. It is also known to have a good effect on flu and cold.

● If consumed as tea, it has a cough reducing effect. Moreover, when used regularly, the possibility of completely cutting the cough is extremely high.

● Since the quince seed gel, which has both a preventive and therapeutic effect, is a completely natural product, it can be used easily in children.

● It is also known that quince seed gel has a very calming effect on humans. If consumed as tea, you can benefit from its calming effect.

How Long Can Quince Seed Gel Stay on the Skin?

● The quince seed gel, known for its effect on removing stains on the skin, also has many positive effects on the skin.

● Since the gel you put on your skin has a tightening effect, it is recommended to stay on your skin for a maximum of 20 minutes.

● However, in order for the gel you apply to show its effect, your skin must remain on your skin for at least 10-15 minutes.

Is There Any Harm to Quince Seed Gel?

● Quince seed gel is a completely natural product and does not contain any chemicals. Therefore, there is no known harm.

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