It provides body resistance thanks to the effect of lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. Drinking apple tea, which contains vitamins E and C, pectin, folic acid, flovonoid components, protects the person against diseases. Apple tea is very rich in vitamin C. Therefore, it protects the person against many ailments such as colds, flu, colds during cold periods. Apart from this, it also helps to relieve diseases such as cough that occur due to this.

How to Make Apple Tea?

In order to brew apple tea, apples are washed with plenty of water. The cores of the washed apples are removed and their skins are peeled off. It is then cut into thin slices. All of the sliced ​​apples are taken into the teapot with their peel and thrown away by adding 2 glasses of water. The bottom of the teapot, which is boiled over medium heat, is closed and left to infuse for 10 minutes.

Apple tea may not be desired to be consumed plain. For this, inside; Many herbs and fruits such as cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, lemon, mint, linden, quince, sage can be added. Dried apple peels or apple tea powder are brewed in the same way. However, since it will have a more intense aroma, the setting should be determined according to the taste.

What Are the Benefits of Apple Tea?

It is possible to say that apple tea has more than one benefit for the human body. These can be listed as follows;

– Relieves body and headaches.
– It helps to reduce bad cholesterol.
– Apple tea is very effective in protecting heart health and protecting against various cardiovascular diseases.
– With the vitamins it contains, it has a positive effect on issues such as the excretory system, eye health, circulatory system.
– Along with the antioxidants it contains, it strengthens the immune system, and apple tea also has a detox effect. In this way, it both helps to lose weight and also supports weight loss.
– Its antioxidant properties beautify the skin.
– When apple tea is consumed with cinnamon, it regulates cholesterol and blood sugar.
– Phytochemicals in apples support the protection of bone health of apple tea.
– With the vitamin B6 it contains, it helps the formation of white cells in the blood.
– By cleaning the parasites in the intestines, it ensures the removal of harmful substances from the body.
– Apple tea strengthens memory. It increases concentration. Individuals with attention deficit problems can consume two cups of apple tea a day.

What Is Apple Tea Good For?

– Apple tea, prepared by adding lemon, provides protection against liver, prostate, lung, lymph and stomach cancers with its antioxidant components.
– Known for its high fiber content, apple tea supports the improvement of the digestive system and is good for digestive system disorders such as indigestion and constipation.
Constantly consumed apple tea is very good for the skin and helps the skin to be alive.
Apple tea, which supports the elimination of intestinal parasites with its special components, also has a feature that prevents colon cancer.
– By regulating the circulatory system, it is good for heart and vascular diseases. In addition, shortness of breath has a supportive feature in the treatment of asthma.
– It is possible to get rid of cough by preparing apple tea for severe cough. It will be important to note that apple tea has expectorant properties.

Can Pregnant Women Consume Apple Tea?

The apple, which is consumed quite frequently around the world and in our country, and is also a storehouse of vitamins, is a fruit rich in benefits. There is no harm in drinking apple tea for pregnant women. In addition, it helps to relieve the problem of nausea and heartburn.

Does Apple Tea Contribute to Weight Loss?

Apple tea makes metabolism movements work faster. Therefore, it helps to lose weight easily. Exercise should be done immediately after drinking apple tea. It is possible to see the benefits of apple tea in terms of weight by walking and moving. When consumed continuously, it will be certain to lose 3 kilos per week.

Can Babies Consume Apple Tea?

Since apple does not contain any allergenic substance, it can be given to babies with peace of mind. However, it is important for babies to pass on complementary foods.

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