Electric energy does not affect the human body up to 15 volts. It starts to affect between 15-50 volts, and even the bumps we often experience fall into this category. However, beyond 65 volts is completely dangerous. If the necessary precautions are not taken against electric shocks, there may be a risk of injury or death.

– In our daily life, we sometimes feel electricity in our bodies, when it touches a conductive material, there is a small impact. In this case, if there is flammable, explosive material, serious accidents may occur.

-If the person is engaged in electrical work, they should wear thick rubber-soled shoes and rubber gloves.

– A material such as a thick wood that will not transmit current in the event of a possible impact should be climbed on the platform.

-There is another problem frequently experienced at workplaces that the person who is caught in the electric current may not be immediately disconnected from the current. Those who will help the person in that short and important time should save the victim from the current with objects such as belts, wood or ropes without putting themselves in danger.

-Hair dryer or electric heater should not be placed near wet areas in the bathroom at homes.

– Grounded sockets should be used in homes and workplaces.

-Devices should be turned off before plugging in, then plugged in.

– Especially protective safety caps should be used for children.

-If electricity is to be dealt with at home, the fuses should be turned off first.

– Electric switches or sockets should not be touched with wet hands.

-The ampoule should be removed from the socket and cleaned and wet cloth should not be used.

The safest method is to call an electrician or take the device to his service.


-During electric shock, first cut off the electrical energy or turn off the fuse.

-Do not interfere with the electric shock person with conductive materials. Use belts, wood, ropes, tires.

-Remove the casualty and yourself from the danger area.

– Care should be taken that the victim’s tongue does not slide back and obstruct his throat. If there is a denture or something in your mouth, remove it.

-Look at the heartbeat of the person striking the electricity, if the beat is not heard, do a heart massage. Of course, first aid training is a must for this!

-After the heart functions normally and the victim starts to breathe, stop the massage immediately.

If the person is conscious and breathing, the victim should be calmed down. Lift your feet up and stretch them for a while.

– If the person is burned due to the impact, wrap it with a clean cloth without getting infected. Do not apply ointment or cream to the wound, immediately call emergency medical teams to the scene. Take the patient to a health facility for observation.

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