With the calculation of the body mass index, the healthy weight range of the people can be determined. Accordingly, you may first need to check whether it is really weak. In some cases, although the person may think that he is psychologically weak, his weight may actually be normal. First, you can calculate the body mass index from the body mass index page of the Ministry of Health.


In the results, those with a body mass index between 20-25 are defined as normal, those between 25-30 as slightly overweight, and those between 30-35 as obese. Those with an index below 20 are considered weak.


If the body mass index is not below 20, it indicates that the person is not underweight. However, if it is below 20 as a result of the calculations, then it is considered to be underweight and a healthy weight gain method can be recommended.


It is possible to gain weight in a healthy way by making mathematical calculations if there is no fast work in metabolism, cancer and similar serious diseases or eating disorders.

Weight gain and loss can be controlled entirely by mathematical calculations. Every person has a daily calorie expenditure and a calorie intake. If a calorie deficit is created, the person can lose weight, or if there is an excess of calories, the person can gain weight. However, since this process does not happen all at once, creating a calorie deficit or keeping an excess of calories requires a process.

For example, if a person has an active life, walking or doing regular daily walks, this person spends one calorie. Let’s say that he spent 2 thousand calories throughout the day, including sleep, with his behaviors, but he took 2 thousand 500 calories into his body with the foods he consumed that day. The 500 calories in between creates an excess, and as it accumulates, weight gain begins.

Therefore, in order to gain weight, you first need to determine how many calories you consume and burn per day. It is not possible to gain weight if you burn 2,000 calories and consume 2,000 calories per day. However, while taking calories, it is necessary to pay attention to getting calories from healthy foods.

If you are suffering from loss of appetite, then you may need to increase your appetite with sports and similar activities or get help from a dietitian in order to get calories.

Creating an excess of calories just by eating is considered an unhealthy method of gaining weight. In order to create a healthy calorie surplus, both eating habits and doing sports will benefit your body.

Finally, you can gain weight by increasing the muscle mass in your body. Muscles are torn depending on a certain movement and develop after the healing process. As the muscle develops with the movements, the muscle mass also increases. In this way, you will both gain weight and perform it in a healthy way as muscle mass increases.

As a result, the items you need to follow to gain weight are as follows;

  • 1 Calculate body mass index, take action if below 20
  • 2 Calculate the calories you take and burn daily, create a calorie surplus to gain weight
  • 3 Increase your muscle mass, do not neglect sports, gain weight in a healthy way
  • 4 After you reach a sufficient weight, leave the calorie surplus and equalize the calories you consume with the calories you burn daily.

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