Healthy nutrition consultant İlknur Özkuş explained how both coronavirus patients and those in the risk group of this disease should be fed.

İlknur Özkuş said, “According to all these, people who have a positive coronavirus test or are in the risk group should take all nutrients in the right balanced and sufficient way, in other words, they should make a healthy diet. It should pay attention to the naturalness of all foods consumed with this diet and consume the right amount of water recommended by all experts in this process. “Having enough fluid in the body helps to expel disease-causing toxins in the body. Fresh vegetables and fruits of the season are of great importance in nutrition.”

İlknur Özkuş also said, “The biggest mistake to be made in this period is to increase smoking and alcohol use, to disrupt the balance of carbohydrate consumption, to eat fast food. Those who have a positive test and those who are in this risk group should definitely avoid these consumption.

Particular attention should be paid to vitamin D deficiency, which has a great effect on the immune system, as possible, this vitamin deficiency should be eliminated through natural foods, where necessary, supplementary food can be taken with the approval of the doctor, and natural herbal teas are one of the biggest factors that help you overcome this difficult process easily. “Paying attention and doing exercises at light tempo will help you overcome this process easily. If the body and mind rest are done enough, it shows great improvement in the transmission of this disease or the decrease in its course in the body.”

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