Many mothers want to learn about how to feed after cesarean delivery. So, how to feed after cesarean delivery? Take a look at our news for post-cesarean nutrition advice.

Nutrition after cesarean section

After a cesarean delivery, the new mother and baby stay in the hospital for 24 to 48 hours. Meanwhile, the new mother is fed with serum and her first meal is given after an average of 4 hours. They are usually not released from the hospital until the mother has gassed or pooped. Meanwhile, the mother is given food that will not cause gas and will soften the intestines. During this period, while giving appropriate meals by the caregivers in the hospital, attention should be paid to the meals that should be eaten at home. Since the mother who has given cesarean section should not push too much in the first few days, she should choose low-fat, low-salt and non-gas-free foods. While foods such as soup are more beneficial in this process, the new mother should consume plenty of fluids.

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