How to Do Insulin Resistance Diet?

People who want to follow an insulin resistance diet should keep the meal interval short. Therefore, in an exemplary diet list that will improve insulin resistance; Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks are also included. It may be helpful to give an example program to be followed by people with insulin resistance. Example insulin resistance diet program;

– Breakfast Time: 1 boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, a small slice of feta cheese, half a slice of wheat bread, 5 olives.
– Lunch Time: 100 gr. boiled chicken breast, 1 slice of wheat bread, 1 glass of buttermilk.
– Evening Time: 1 plate of food containing legumes or vegetables, 1 bowl of yogurt, salad, a helping slice of wheat bread.

With an insulin resistance diet, it will be possible to both lose weight and stay full by eating healthy. It is worth noting that the insulin resistance diet is quite healthy.

Is Insulin Resistance Healthy?

When treating insulin resistance, first of all, many aspects such as the lifestyle and nutritional habits of the patient should be changed. In this regard, it is recommended that the patient apply insulin diets. The insulin diet is a different type of diet compared to other diets. In this diet, it is aimed for the patient to lose weight slowly. However, it is important that the weight lost during the month is 5% of the body weight.

This is a value like half a kilo per week. It is important to pay attention to the continued application of the insulin resistance diet. For this reason, a balanced addition of all foods is made in the diet lists. Among the recommended insulin resistance diets, frequent meals and short meal intervals are highlighted. Insulin resistance diet includes at least 4 meals.

How to Lose Weight with an Insulin Resistance Diet?

Insulin resistance causes the patient to gain weight and impair body functions. However, it is possible to break insulin resistance and weaken it by fulfilling some conditions. The first of these conditions; It is not skipping main meals and limiting fruit consumption when applying an insulin resistance diet.

Skipping main meals; causes the body to enter the psychology of scarcity. This plays a role in the body’s storage of sugar. Berries strengthen immunity. However, as the fructose content in the fruit increases, it causes weight gain. That’s why people who want to break their insulin resistance and want to lose weight should keep their fruit consumption very limited.

Staying away from sugar, living active, exercising, adequate consumption of protein break insulin resistance and support weight loss. Movement directly affects the sensitivity of the body to insulin.

Insulin Resistance Diet Snack Recommendation

In the insulin resistance diet; There are three snacks in the morning, afternoon and evening. It would be correct to state that there are different options as these snacks can be preferred in accordance with the patient’s taste. As an example of snack options;

– 1 glass of buttermilk,
– 1 glass of milk,
– 1 slice of feta cheese,
– Types of toast made with brown bread,
– An example can be given in the form of 1 bowl of yogurt and a portion of fruit.

What Is the Meaning of Insulin Resistance?

Insulin resistance; It occurs due to some functional disorders in the function of insulin, which balances sugar in the blood. Insulin is a hormone secreted by the pancreas, and its function in the human body also normalizes sugar metabolism. In order for the insulin hormone to be active, it must bind to a structure called a receptor. When this hormone cannot bind to the receptors, the disease called insulin resistance occurs.

In a healthy human body, sugar is controlled, on average, by one unit of the hormone insulin. It is possible to state that this value doubles or triples in people with insulin resistance disease. In such a case, insulin, which is produced more than necessary in the human body, has to be stored. In this situation, in the individual; It is possible to state that it causes cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver and weight gain.

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