Many people are at home; cleaning with ear wax or cotton swab; It is a very wrong and dangerous practice. During cleaning with such cleaning tools, serum secretion is removed unnoticed. While this cleaning of the ear secretion causes the ear to itch, it leaves the arid membrane vulnerable to bacteria and dirt from outside. In addition, the unconscious cleaning process with ear cleaning tools causes the plug to be pushed into the inner part of the ear and clog.

How to Clean the Ear?

One of the most used tools for ear cleaning is ear wax and ear litter. Such tools; plugs are pushed against the eardrum, causing damage to the ear. The secretions can turn into infection over time and damage many organs, first of all the ear. Cleaning the ears with hard and sharp objects of the toothpick type is also a common mistake. Pointed names; It causes too much secretion to be produced in the canal of the ears and bleeding.

Cleaning the ear canals after showering is very simple. The dirt softened by the water is cleaned in a very short time. However, cleaning the ears every day can cause serious health problems. The inner part of the ear has a very sensitive structure. According to experts, it will be sufficient to clean the ears two or three times a week.

What are the Tips of Ear Cleaning?

There are some tips for cleaning ears. Applying these tips will help to clean the ear and the ear canals without damaging them. Tips for cleaning the ear;

– The paraffin oil method used for ear cleaning should be heated on wax. The heated oil should be filled into a syringe and slowly drip into the ear. The head should be laid on the side for 2 to 3 minutes. Then the ears should be rinsed with water. It is important to note that the water used should not be used in extremely cold and hot liquids. This way, the ears can be damaged. Therefore, paraffin oil should not be overheated.

– Glycerin, which is generally used for skin care, can be used for ear cleaning. Since it is a completely organic liquid, it does not cause any health problems. 2 or 3 drops of glycerin will be enough for an ear.

– In recent years, both Turkey and worldwide ear cleaning tools are also used very often a practical solution. These devices sold in pharmacies have a silicone nozzle. Since they are vacuumed, the accumulated dirt is prevented from being pushed towards the middle ear.

– Individuals whose ears are constantly aching or ringing should definitely be seen by an ENT physician. Many symptoms such as pain, tingling, and a feeling of fullness can be symptoms of many diseases.

– It is very important to clean the outer part of the ear. The dirt accumulated here; It both creates a bad appearance and increases the possibility of infection. Ear lobe; The exterior should then be wiped with a napkin or paper towel.

Although earwashes and ear cleaning candles are highly preferred for cleaning the ear, it is very important for the ear health of the person not to prefer these methods. It will be more beneficial to clean the ears with the methods mentioned above.

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