Before applying castor oil to the hair, you need to make some preparations. If you are going to use a different oil besides castor oil, all vegetable oils are readily available. Also required are bowls, hot water, towels, hair caps and storage containers. The oil is heated in hot water together with its jar. Optionally, it is mixed with oils in a storage container. It can be applied directly to the hair in the form of a cream, or if a fluid mixture is obtained, it can be sprayed with the help of a spray bottle. After making sure that it is absorbed by the hair, a towel is placed on the shoulders. The hair is also collected into the bone and waited for sufficient time to suit the whole procedure.

In order for castor oil to benefit the hair, it must be applied in accordance with the reason for its use. Some castor oil is considered according to the frequency and length of the hair. Then castor oil is applied to the hair from root to tip. However, it is recommended not to apply an excessive amount of castor oil to the hair. Otherwise, you may have to struggle for a long time to degrease the hair. After keeping the oil on the hair for 15-20 minutes, it is cleaned with clean and hot water. The hair is cleaned with shampoo and conditioner and gently dried with a towel.

Castor oil can be applied to the hair alone or combined with other hair nourishing products such as olive oil or vitamin E. If castor oil is to be mixed with different ingredients, it needs to be slightly heated. To prevent hair loss, castor oil should be applied to the hair twice a week for 1 month. It should be applied once a week to revitalize the hair and add shine to the hair. If it is to be used for damaged hair ends and fractures, it should be applied 3 times a week and the night should be spent in this way.

With the regular use of castor oil, it is also possible to lengthen the hair in a short period of time. Thanks to the vitamin E, protein, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids it contains, it nourishes the hair from root to tip and ensures a healthier growth. When castor oil is applied to the hair, it has a positive effect on the hair strands, as it significantly accelerates blood circulation. Regular use is required for this positive effect to be observed.

Hair loss can be caused by different reasons, including psychological or physical. It is also possible to find a solution to this problem naturally. One of the most important benefits of castor oil is that it prevents hair loss and accelerates new hair growth. A solution to this problem can be found when it is applied to the hair by massaging or left on the hair overnight. Castor oil has many benefits for hair. Other known benefits of castor oil can be listed as follows:

Protects hair from sun rays.
It can be used for nail care.
Thanks to its rich content, it has a pure moisturizing feature.
It prevents the formation of inflammation.
It helps to reduce acne and acne and pass easily.
It reduces cellulite.
It is an oil that delays aging and wrinkle formation.
It has the ability to destroy fungi.
It helps fight infections such as folliculitis, a condition that leads to inflammation of the hair follicles.
Castor oil is also very rich in antioxidants that support the keratin in the hair, making it strong, smooth and less frizzy.

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