Department of Psychology Inst. Prof. Dr. Aylin İlden Koçkar stated that adults have an important role in explaining the reasons for the full closure to be implemented between April 29 and May 17 to children. Stating that each child’s social, emotional and cognitive development should be taken as a reference, Prof. Dr. Aylin İlden Koçkar said, “Questions asked by children should be answered as honestly as possible and be open. It should be explained that the decision to close was made to protect the children themselves, their loved ones and the health of all people outside, ”he said.

Stating that children can be given responsibilities during the closure process, Koçkar said, “Taking out the garbage, taking the pet around, preparing and collecting the table, folding the laundry are examples of the tasks that children can undertake in closing. Thus, the workload of the parents decreases and the children take responsibility ”.

Recalling that there was a shutdown in the spring of 2020, Koçkar stated that it is normal for the same decision to be taken this year to create moods such as frustration, boredom and distress. Prof. Dr. Aylin İlden Koçkar said, “Awareness about the protection of psychological health will help to get through this period more easily.” Koçkar listed the things that can be done to protect psychological health during this period as follows:

“Believing that life has a purpose and meaning, feeling independence, experiencing personal development, feeling that the person manages his life well, having positive relationships, knowing himself well.”

Prof. Dr. Aylin İlden Koçkar made the following suggestions for these goals:

“In order to turn the time spent at home into a valuable and meaningful state, it will help people to set goals for themselves, to make plans to maintain their personal development and autonomy, to create new habits and routines. For example, you can gain control over your life by deciding how often to watch the news, how much time you spend on exercise, and what times to eat. Getting your life in order will help you pass the next period more easily. “

Stating that seeing this process as time spent with the family instead of seeing it as a punishment or restriction will make it easier for children to adopt this perspective, Koçkar said, “The pandemic has created an opportunity for families to spend a lot of time together. Normally, it takes effort and time to do this, it may be necessary to plan a vacation together, to take time off from work. The closure process can be thought of as an extra time given to spend time together as a family. “You can do activities or play games with your family and children without having to reach anywhere or anything.”

Stating that most of the time, there is no time for the simplest activities due to the intensity of daily life, Koçkar said, “The closing process can be evaluated for activities for which there is no opportunity. For example, you can watch TV series and documentaries you have been wanting to watch for a long time, and read books waiting to be read. “Reading books is extremely beneficial for emotional intelligence and cognitive skills, as well as shortening screen time.” Koçkar also emphasized that during the closing, family board games can be played so that they can spend a few enjoyable and quality hours together.

Stating that it would be beneficial to avoid being exposed to the news all day by limiting the screen time during the closing process, Prof. Dr. Aylin İlden Koçkar said, “Following the news from different sources throughout the day can increase the level of anxiety. “It also sets an example for parents to restrict screen time, and for children to adjust their learning time and screen use outside of class.” Koçkar said, “We know that this period will eventually end. It is important that we continue our journey without losing hope ”.

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