Burns, which is a dangerous situation that every person may encounter in his life, can cause major and serious traumas in the body. Incorrect applications in case of burns can cause other health problems besides the burn, as well as aggravate the existing picture and increase the damage.

Although applying ice to the burned area, applying toothpaste or yoghurt are the first methods that come to mind to relieve the pain in burns, these methods are wrong, according to experts, and cause the burn area to worsen, so the right methods should be applied.

Experts state that the most ideal aid in burn cases is to wash the burned area with tap water until the pain subsides. In other words, the first intervention is to cool the burned area under tap water for 10-15 minutes. According to experts, in this way, both pain and aches are relieved and the burn is prevented from going deeper.

It is emphasized that if bubbles filled with water occur in the burned area, these bubbles should never be burst. It is explained that these blisters are important in the smooth healing of the skin.

First aid procedures for burns caused by heat are applied as follows:

– If the person is still on fire, he is prevented from running by preventing him from panicking.

– It is ensured that the sick or injured person is covered with a blanket or a cover and rolled.

– Vital signs are evaluated.

– It is checked whether the respiratory tract is affected.

– Clothes are removed without removing the skin in the burned area.

– The burned area is kept under tap water for at least 20 minutes.

(If the burn surface is large, it is not recommended because heat loss will be high.)

– Since edema may occur, accessories such as bracelets, rings, watches are removed.

– If there are places stuck, they are cut.

– Attention is paid to hygiene and cleanliness.

– The places that collect water are not exploded.

– Substances such as medicine or burn ointment are not applied on the burn.

– Cover the burn with a clean cloth.

– The sick or injured person is covered with a blanket.

– Burnt areas are not bandaged together.

– If the burn is large and the health institution is far away, if the patient or injured person does not vomit, if he is conscious, liquid loss is prevented by giving a liquid (1 liter of water, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1 teaspoon of salt mixture) by mouth.

– Medical assistance is called (112).

In chemical burns; The chemical substance that comes into contact with the skin is cut off as soon as possible. The area is gently washed with plenty of non-pressurized water for at least 15-20 minutes. Clothes should be removed. The sick or injured person is covered. Medical assistance is requested (112).

In electrical burns; is cool and calm. Before touching the sick or injured person, the electric current is cut off. If there is no possibility to cut the current, electrical contact with an object such as a wooden stick or rope is cut. Vital signs (ABC) are evaluated. The sick or injured person should not be intervened or moved with water. The damaged area is covered with a clean cloth. Medical assistance requested (112)

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