About March 11-17, World Salt Awareness Week, Res. See. Eda Balcı explained that excessive consumption of salt is harmful to health and gave information to reduce salt consumption.

Balcı stated that salt, which has been used to preserve foods for a longer period of time throughout history, has become widespread over time with the realization that it gives taste to foods, and said that over time, it has become indispensable for meals and tables.

Stating that salt plays an important role in maintaining the body’s acid, base and electrolyte balance, Balcı said, “The necessity of salt is indisputable because of this task. However, the amount to be taken daily is important. More than 5 grams of salt consumption per day is harmful to our health. Excessive consumption of salt increases the risk of illness, ”he said.


Balcı continued his explanations about the amount of daily salt consumption as follows:

” The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that consumption of more than 5 grams of salt increases the likelihood of diabetes, obesity and some types of cancer, especially heart diseases, hypertension and kidney diseases. He said that this recommended amount is a ratio that can be achieved naturally with the foods and drinks we consume daily, without adding salt to the meals. ”


Balcı pointed out that the amount of salt they consume daily of the country is different, ” 8-9 grams of salt per day consumed in European countries, the studies carried out in Turkey was determined to be between 18-19 grams the amount of salt consumed per day. This alarming amount seriously affects the health of our country’s people. However, the main worrying point is that the majority of the society is not aware of this danger and does not make any changes in the diet ”.


Underlining that avoiding excessive salt consumption is very important in terms of preventing health problems that may occur, Balcı said, “For example, ready-made, processed packaged products should not be used, salt shaker should not be kept on the table, consumption of foods with high salt content (tomato paste, pickles, sausage, canned food, etc.) should be reduced as much as possible. It should be preferred as ‘salt-free bread’ and the habit of adding salt should be abandoned without even tasting the food. The use of spices instead of salt should be increased in order to add flavor to the meals ”.

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