Known for its sweet-sour taste, gooseberry offers numerous health benefits in line with the results of existing animal and cell-based research. However, more research and strong clinical evidence are needed before any health benefits can be interpreted as supportive. The safety and efficacy of this fruit for use in humans is unknown.


1-Helping to lose weight (100 grams is 53 kcal),

2- Detoxifying the body,

3- Prevention of diabetes (some compounds contained may slow the breakdown and uptake of simple sugars from carbohydrates, insulin receptors are properly regulated),

4- Strengthening the immune system (Vitamin C content can stimulate the production of white blood cells, it is also an important component in collagen production),

5- Optimizing kidney function (by increasing urination, it can remove excess fat, salt and toxins from the lymphatic system) and

6-It shows as reducing inflammation in the body.

7- Golden strawberry; It is also recognized as a superfood loaded with powerful nutrients and antioxidants (polyphenols, carotenoids) that can prevent some degenerative diseases, increase heart health by reducing inflammation of blood vessels, and significantly improve overall health.

8- Golden strawberries can be recommended to increase eye health due to their high carotenoid content. By removing oxidative stress in the lens system, carotenoids can prevent the development of cataracts and slow the onset of yellow spots, keeping your vision working as you age.

9- Golden strawberries have not been shown to treat or prevent cancer. Its potential effect on cancer (lung, liver, breast) has only been studied in animals and cells. Many substances, including toxic chemicals, have cancer-preventing effects on cells, but this does not mean they have medicinal value. Most substances investigated in cancer cells require further animal studies or clinical trials due to lack of safety or efficacy. Studies have found that a compound contained in golden strawberries may have anti-cancer properties, but this does not mean that it will cure cancer.


Immature golden strawberries should not be eaten as they can be poisonous (they contain a toxin called solanine). Picking wild fruits is not recommended. Tomato, potato, etc. If you have allergies, a doctor should be consulted before eating. It has been shown in animal studies that drinking high doses of gooseberry juice is toxic.

Turkey in a case study on laboratory mice of gold strawberry intensive use for weight loss has been reported to bleeding in the brain and may cause high blood pressure. According to animal studies, very high doses of gooseberry (especially leaves) can lead to intestinal poisoning, potentially leading to vomiting, headaches and, in rare cases, death.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No single food has a slimming, fat burning effect. You can also include golden strawberries in your fruit portions, not exceeding 4-5, due to their low calorie, nutrients (vitamins / minerals) and antioxidants.

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