Human skin is very sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, natural treatment options have been developed to relieve sunburns. The sunburned area may become inflamed. Especially people with lighter skin color are more exposed to sunburn.

How Many Days Does Sunburn Pain Go?

The pain of sunburn varies according to the burn condition of the skin. Therefore, the transition process can also vary from skin to skin. Usually, the pain of sunburn subsides within 3 to 5 days. In some cases, this may take up to 1 week. With the natural treatment options applied, sunburn can pass in less than this period.

How does a sunburn go away?

1) Tea

It is possible to have a sunburn with tea. Tea is among the most used natural treatment options in the treatment of sunburn. Tea, which is a miraculous herbal solution for sunburn, has a direct effect on burns, especially in the eye area. After cooling two bags of tea, you can put it on your eyes. This method will cure eye area burns. You can also get rid of sunburns in a short time by adding a pinch of tea to your water during the bath.

2) Lavender Oil

Lavender is also a very good treatment option for sunburn. It is also used in the treatment of sunburn due to its moisturizing properties. Lavender oil is consistently preferred. Therefore, it is a herbal treatment method that you can prefer primarily in the treatment of sunburn.

3) Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the foods that contains the most water. Cucumber also has moisturizing properties. Therefore, it is very good for the skin structure. It revitalizes the skin and cleans it completely. Cucumber also repairs the skin. Cucumber is among the most used treatment options in the treatment of sunburn. It is effective after applying the cucumber to the burned area.

4) Oatmeal

Oatmeal is the most preferred natural method used for sunburn. Oatmeal, which provides a cooling effect on the skin, also reduces the feeling of pain caused by sunburn.

What Is Good For Sunburn?

1) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the first natural methods that comes to mind when it comes to herbal treatment. After balancing the entire pH balance of the skin, apple cider vinegar significantly eliminates sunburn factors. Apple cider vinegar is among the miraculous natural methods.

2) Aloe Vera

Another most preferred method for the skin is aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is also used in skin treatments. Aloe vera gel is good for any sunburn. Aloe vera gel, which is also very effective, instantly repairs the burned area. Thus, it also reduces the feeling of pain in the burn area.

3) Ice

Ice therapy is also used for sunburns. Ice treatment is preferred immediately. Therefore, it would be appropriate to apply ice treatment 10 days after sunburn.

4) Yogurt

Yogurt is also used in the treatment of sunburn. Yogurt is also used for sunburn pain. Yogurt nourishes the skin as a whole and repairs it quickly.

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