Those who want to make a coronavirus vaccination appointment accelerated their research after the last minute announcement of Health Minister Fahrettin Koca. The vaccination program, which is carried out to ensure social immunity against Covid-19, continues to be implemented at full speed. So, how is the Biontech vaccine appointment made? Here are the details of choosing the MHRS vaccine ..

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca stated that a new phase has been passed in the Kovid-19 vaccination program, and it is the order of vaccination for those older than 55.

Husband, in a statement made on his social media account, “As of today, we are moving to a new phase in the vaccination program. It is time for people over 55 years of age for vaccination. I invite our citizens to be vaccinated. Our vaccination program will continue with determination depending on the conditions of supply.” used the expressions.


The first dose of BioNTech vaccine was started to be administered to the citizens who preferred it during the vaccination appointment. Citizens in the priority group can create their appointments through the “” and “” sites, the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) and e-Nabiz mobile applications.

* The Biontech vaccine cannot be administered by the Family Practice at the moment, but it can only be vaccinated for which appointments are made from certain hospitals. Those who want to get a Biontech vaccine should make an appointment by clicking on the “Hospital” section instead of “Family Medicine”. When you select the province you are in, the hospitals where the Biontech vaccine is available are listed.

Citizens can inquire whether they are in the priority group by sending a text message (SMS) to 2023 by typing “AŞI”, “TC identity number” and “the last 4 digits of the” TC identity serial number “with spaces between them.

If the person is in the priority group to be vaccinated, they are directed to the MHRS application for the appointment process. With the application, an appointment can be made from the chosen health institution by specifying the date and time. The appointment information is sent to the person’s phone via SMS.

Citizens who will get Covid-19 vaccine can get vaccination appointments by calling MHRS Alo 182 line in addition to mobile application or internet.

Citizens can make appointments for the closest family doctors and all public, private and university hospitals.


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