Scoliosis occurs as a result of curving the spine to the right or left. Stating that one of the scoliosis treatment methods is specific exercise applications for scoliosis, Osteopath Physiotherapist Büşra Hussain at Emsey Hospital said that they apply many exercise methods to the patients for the treatment of scoliosis. Stating that they especially use the schroth method, Hussain said, “We benefit from posture work, 3-dimensional corrections, breathing pattern and exercises that will strengthen the core muscles in the spine.”

Stating that there are differences between the treatments applied to adults and young people, Physiotherapist Büşra Hussain said, “We attach particular importance to the diagnosis of scoliosis in adolescents. We take care to make the diagnosis as early as possible at ages and angles.”

Emphasizing that scoliosis is a progressive disease, Hussain said that when the rate of progression of the angle slows down, they try to correct the angle. Expressing that they applied 3-dimensional exercise therapy at low angles in scoliosis, Hussain stated that they applied exercise and corset therapy together in moderate angles, and they recommended surgical treatment in progressive high angles. Hussain said, “Since scoliosis is a progressive disease, we are trying to slow it down with conservative treatment. If we can control it, we are trying to reduce the angle level,” he said.

Osteopath Physiotherapist Büşra Hussain, who stated that people with scoliosis in adulthood may experience loss of balance due to pain, movement restrictions or an increase in angle, said that with various manual therapy methods, the pain in the patient is reduced and the quality of life is increased with 3-dimensional scoliosis-specific exercises.

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