The most important reason for the development of COPD is active smoking / tobacco use or passive exposure to smoke. In addition, some other environmental and genetic factors are also very effective in the progression of the disease. The most important known risk factor for COPD is smoking or the use of other tobacco products. Apart from that, indoor air pollution (such as bread or cooking in tandoori) is an important risk factor for COPD disease in underdeveloped and developing countries.

It is the most important cause of COPD in non-smoking women in our country, especially in rural areas. Environmental factors or occupational exposure to various gases and dusts are also important risk factors for the development of COPD. Hereditary alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency is the most important known genetic risk factor, but; this situation is rare in our country.

COPD, colloquially known as chronic bronchitis, is a chronic disease characterized by restriction of air flow during breathing due to narrowing of the airways in the lungs.

As a result of smoking and tobacco use, the trachea is narrowed and thickening in the cells that produce sputum, and the trachea is cleaned and enlarged.

With the “Resector Balloon” method, we see patients benefit more from drugs. “With the treatment method I have developed, patients come to the point where they can benefit a lot from the drugs. There is no question of discontinuing or getting rid of the drugs here, as well as increasing the effects of the drugs. If you open the bronchial obstruction, the patient can breathe much more easily.

They come to the point where they will benefit more from medicine. With the patented treatment method, we eliminate the obstruction caused by the cells lining the bronchus. This is possible with one hour of operation. It is possible to open the bronchial obstruction and provide a permanent solution. It is the patients with chronic bronchitis that we treat. When permanent bronchitis patency is achieved, patients go back 20, 30 years. Like he didn’t smoke. While the bronchi are cleaned, the possibility of getting lung cancer is minimized. ”

ยท There is no pain and ache for the comfort of the patient.

You can return to your social life immediately after the operation.

You can have this operation done again.

There is no age limit.

After this operation, patients can breathe much more easily, climb the stairs and slopes comfortably, and the need for oxygen cylinders decreases.

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